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akron beacon journal letter, 10/14/98: (1.8K)
alexandria journal letter, 09/01/98: (2.1K)
alexandria journal letter, 09/20/98: (2.3K)
allentown morning call letter, 03/30/98: (1.3K)
allentown morning call letter, 09/11/98: (2.7K)
amarillo globe news letter, 09/12/98: (2.2K)
annapolis capital letter, 08/14/98: (1.9K)
arizona daily star letter, 04/18/98: (2.1K)
au courant letter, 05/02/98: (2.5K)
austin american statesman letter, 08/11/98: (2Kb)
baltimore sun letter, 07/20/98: (1.3K)
bergen record letter, 09/03/98: (2.5K)
bergen record letter, 11/03/98: (2.8K)
boston globe letter, 03/30/98: (2.1K)
boston globe letter, 06/13/98: (1.8K)
boston globe letter, 07/07/98: (2.4K)
boston globe letter, 07/30/98: (1.8K)
boston herald letter, 10/20/98: (1.5K)
centre daily times letter, 01/09/98: (1.8K)
charleston gazette letter, 05/15/98: (1.5K)
chattanooga free press letter, 02/19/98: (2.1K)
chattanooga free press letter, 08/15/98: (1.7K)
chicago tribune letter, 03/30/98: (1.4K)
chicago tribune letter, 10/20/98: (2Kb)
cincinnati enquirer letter, 08/09/98: (2.2K)
conference on life partnership bills, 03/19/98: (9.2K)
corona ca daily independent letter, 06/12/98: (2.6K)
daily kansan letter, 05/04/98: (1.9K)
daily nebraskan letter, 01/25/98: (1.7K)
decatur daily letter, 02/14/98: (2.4K)
denver post letter, 09/07/98: (1.1K)
deseret news letter, 06/19/98: (2.5K)
deseret news letter, 08/09/98: (2.1K)
des moines register letter, 02/06/98: (2.1K)
des moines register letter, 10/20/98: (1.5K)
detroit free press letter, 04/17/98: (2.2K)
east brunswick nj home news tribune letter, 08/12/98: (2.2K)
fox phila letter, 05/07/98: (3.5K)
ft wayne news sentinel letter, 05/20/98: (2.6K)
ft worth star telegram letter, 07/26/98: (1.4K)
ft worth star telegram letter, 08/14/98: (1.8K)
ft worth star telegram letter, 11/19/98: (1.4K)
hickory daily record letter, 04/06/98: (3.1K)
honolulu star bulletin letter, 10/05/98: (1.9K)
houston chronicle letter, 03/10/98: (2.8K)
iowa state daily letter, 02/06/98: (1.8K)
james kennedy ad alert, 07/26/98: (924 bytes)
kyw tv letter, 01/16/98: (3.1K)
las vegas sun letter, 12/12/98: (2.3K)
la times letter, 06/12/98: (2.1K)
la times letter, 08/01/98: (2.7K)
lawrence maine eagle tribune letter, 04/15/98: (1.8K)
leader telegram letter, 09/05/98: (1.6K)
letter to bergen record regarding boy scouts, 03/10/98: (2.2K)
letter to express times regarding boy scouts, 03/16/98: (1.6K)
letter to lincoln journal star regarding romans, 03/20/98: (1.7K)
letter to ny times regarding boy scouts, 03/10/98: (1.6K)
letter to philadelphia inquirer regarding jimmy creech, 03/15/98: (1.9K)
letter to philadelphia inquirer regarding religious freedom amendment, 03/04/98: (2.4K)
letter to provo daily herald regarding god and homosexuality, 03/10/98: (2Kb)
letter to richmond times dispatch regarding bible debate, 03/16/98: (1.8K)
letter to sun sentinel regarding reclaiming america church state, 03/04/98: (2.6K)
letter to usa today regarding jimmy creech, 03/20/98: (2Kb)
lincoln journal star letter, 08/15/98: (8.3K)
long beach press telegram letter, 11/19/98: (1.7K)
madison wi progressive letter, 11/21/98: (1.7K)
main line times letter, 02/05/98: (3.2K)
memphis commercial appeal letter, 06/14/98: (2.3K)
miami herald letter, 08/12/98: (2.4K)
miami herald letter, 10/14/98: (1.7K)
miami herald thank you letter, 08/12/98: (1.4K)
milwaukee journal sentinel letter, 04/05/98: (2.2K)
moline il daily dispatch letter, 02/10/98: (1.9K)
montgomery ala southern poverty law center letter, 12/15/98: (1.7K)
morning call letter, 11/03/98: (1.5K)
naples daily news letter, 07/31/98: (2.2K)
new haven register letter, 10/05/98: (1.7K)
new member, 04/03/98: (696 bytes)
new member, 04/05/98: (905 bytes)
new member, 04/07/98: (773 bytes)
news and observer letter, 02/21/98: (2.4K)
newsweek letter, 07/29/98: (2Kb)
norfolk va pilot letter, 07/30/98: (2Kb)
ny post letter, 05/30/98: (1.3K)
ny post letter, 07/04/98: (2.4K)
ny times letter, 02/10/98: (2.1K)
ny times letter, 04/18/98: (2.3K)
ny times letter, 07/13/98: (2.4K)
ny times letter, 08/19/98: (1.5K)
ny times letter, 10/14/98: (2.3K)
ny times letter, 11/08/98: (1.8K)
ny times letter, 12/05/98: (2.3K)
oklahoman letter, 01/26/98: (1.3K)
omaha world herald letter, 03/30/98: (1.9K)
omaha world herald letter, 07/09/98: (2.3K)
orlando sentinel letter, 08/18/98: (1.9K)
people mag letter, 12/03/98: (1.4K)
phila daily news letter, 01/16/98: (2.7K)
phila daily news letter, 01/25/98: (1.7K)
phila daily news letter, 04/24/98: (1.8K)
phila daily news letter, 06/05/98: (1.6K)
phila daily news letter, 10/14/98: (1.7K)
phila daily news letter, 11/15/98: (1.6K)
phila daily news letter, 12/05/98: (1.5K)
phila gay news letter, 05/02/98: (2.3K)
phila inquirer letter, 01/25/98: (2.3K)
phila inquirer letter, 02/19/98: (1.5K)
phila inquirer letter, 04/24/98: (2.1K)
phila inquirer letter, 05/15/98: (1.7K)
phila inquirer letter, 05/30/98: (2.4K)
phila inquirer letter, 06/05/98: (1.9K)
phila inquirer letter, 06/15/98: (1.9K)
phila inquirer letter, 07/05/98: (3.7K)
phila inquirer letter, 07/28/98: (3.5K)
phila inquirer letter, 08/15/98: (1.6K)
phila inquirer letter, 09/16/98: (3.1K)
phila inquirer letter, 10/03/98: (1.1K)
phila inquirer letter, 10/13/98: (2.3K)
phila inquirer letter, 11/03/98: (2.1K)
phila inquirer letter, 11/21/98: (1.8K)
phila inquirer letter, 12/26/98: (2.4K)
phila weekly letter, 04/24/98: (2.5K)
providence boy scouts letter, 04/24/98: (1.8K)
raleigh nc news and observer letter, 06/09/98: (2.3K)
rapid city journal letter, 05/15/98: (1.5K)
religious freedom amendment alert, 02/14/98: (2.7K)
salon camille paglia letter, 07/04/98: (2.5K)
salt lake tribune letter, 02/14/98: (1.4K)
scientific american letter, 09/14/98: (2Kb)
senator rick santorum letter, 09/20/98: (1.7K)
sf chronicle letter, 06/15/98: (1.7K)
sioux city journal letter, 02/14/98: (1.5K)
standard examiner letter, 11/16/98: (1.3K)
star gazette letter, 03/30/98: (1.1K)
star tribune letter, 02/20/98: (2.4K)
star tribune letter, 11/10/98: (1.8K)
star tribune letter, 12/05/98: (1.7K)
st paul pioneer press letter, 07/04/98: (2.8K)
st paul pioneer press letter, 09/07/98: (1.4K)
sw times record letter, 01/25/98: (1.8K)
time mag letter, 11/15/98: (1.4K)
times herald letter, 09/07/98: (1.8K)
tulsa world letter, 12/23/98: (1.8K)
usa today letter, 06/15/98: (2.6K)
usa today letter, 10/20/98: (1.6K)
usa today letter, 12/05/98: (1.7K)
us news letter, 08/01/98: (1.8K)
vancouver columbian letter, 04/24/98: (1.4K)
ventura county star letter, 09/05/98: (1.9K)
wall st journal letter, 04/05/98: (1.8K)
wall st journal letter, 06/01/98: (2.5K)
wall st journal letter, 07/20/98: (2.5K)
wall st journal letter, 08/16/98: (3.1K)
washington post letter, 04/24/98: (1.5K)
wash post letter, 02/14/98: (2.2K)
wash post letter, 12/26/98: (2.1K)

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