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Queer Resources Directory

The Queer Resources Directory contains 25488 files about everything queer; the QRD is at http://www.qrd.org/, with mirrors all over the world. You can start with the subject tree, or with these headings:

Queers and their Families, including parenting and marriage.
Queer Youth on campus and all over the world.
Queers and Religion, and religious queers!
Queer Health, with links to safer sex information.
Electronic Resources, with links to all over the Net.
Queer Media: magazines, TV, movies, more!
Queer Events: conferences and celebrations on a global scale.
Queer Culture, History and Origins: what makes us unique, where we've been and where we come from.
Worldwide Queer Info: From Australia to Zimbabwe, we are everywhere.
Business, Legal and Workplace issues, including info on domestic partnerships and queer-friendly businesses.
Politics, Political News & Activism: Fight back with technology!
Organizations, Directories & Newsletters: find them all here, or submit info on your organization.

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