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HIGHLIGHTS of the Queer Resources Directory

Last updated: 15 August 1995

At long last, the New Items Page makes a return engagement. As always, report bad links or other problems to wwwstaff@qrd.org-- thanks!

Since the April highlights page we have made a LOT of improvements and additions to our web pages at the QRD. You can see a running tally of changes by selecting What's New? at the top of the page.

Technical Changes at the QRD

Web Pages Hosted at the QRD

The QRD houses web pages listing queer resources for a number of U.S. states. In particular, they are We also have a page devoted to all known collections of statewide queer resources Other people who are interested in maintaining web pages for their state, please contact us at wwwstaff@qrd.org.

  • There are also a number of web pages at the QRD devoted to queer resources in specific countries. Namely, New Zealand and Poland QRD. If you are interested in maintaining a QRD Web Page devoted to a specific country, please email ron@qrd.org

  • We also have hosted web pages with information from a number of gay and lesbian religious organizations. Most notably, We have over one hundred (100) directories with information on queer organizations. We also have organizations which have web pages hosted at the QRD. They are If you want your organization to have a web page at the QRD, contact us at ron@qrd.org.

    Topic Highlights

    Media Section

  • In addition to intrepid reporter, REX WOCKNER, Openly gay columnist GABRIEL ROTELLO has a web page at the QRD. He has graciously allowed the QRD to archive his weekly New York Newsday column. Sadly, this collection will have to act as an archive only, since New York Newsday ceased publishing on Sunday July 16, 1995.

  • web page in the media section where you can access his columns.

  • Another one of the interesting additions to the media section is the web page for QueerZine Explosion

  • Besides information about print media, we also host the web page for This Way Out, the international lesbian and gay radio magazine, as well as a list of known queer radio shows in the USA.

    Sexual Orientation and The Law

  • We are very pleased with our collection of materials devoted to sexual orientation and the law. Some important cases we have information on include:

  • We have archives of the monthly journal Lesbian/Gay Law Notes, edited by Professor Art Leonard.

  • We also have archives of the National Journal Of Sexual Orientation Law edited by Mary Sylla. The latest issue is Volum 1, Issue 2

  • There are currently nine (9) states which have state laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. After years of trying, we now have a complete set of the text of these laws. The states (year enacted) are:

    Updates to Lists Of Interest Archived at the QRD

    Overall View of the QRD

    There are now over 9600 files in the Queer Resources Directory...

    Submissions: Email files to
    submit@qrd.org or FTP files to qrd.org in the pub/QRD/incoming directory

    Feedback: Email staff@qrd.org

    Questions: Email info@qrd.org or read the FAQ.

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    Last Updated: 15 August 1995
    Ron Buckmire / ron@qrd.org