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L.E.G.A.L. International is an umbrella organization serving member groups around the globe. The information on these pages are intended to serve as a central point to disseminate information about member groups, available resources, and a starting point for people interested in starting their own local organization for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and straight people involved in a public safety or criminal justice career. For specific information about existing GLBT Criminal Justice/Public Safety groups, please contact LEGAL-International or any of the groups listed on our CONTACTS page.

General Information

The information contained in this section is currently being updated and may contain some information from early 1995 still. Our goal is to label this menu with update dates as much as possible so you can see the when each area was last changed. All of our general information and 1996 Conference Information can still be found on the LEGALemail mailing list will be advised of any major updates as well as events as they happen. Pertainent articles from the list may be posted here as a reference with the author's permission only. Send email to to be added to the mailing list.