HIGHLIGHTS of the Queer Resources Directory

Last updated: 15 April 1995

At long last, the New Items Page makes a return engagement. As always, report bad links or other problems to staff@qrd.org-- thanks!

Since the February highlights page we have made a LOT of improvements and additions to our web pages at the QRD. You can see a running tally of changes by clicking on the "What's New?" button.
  • The capability to search the QRD has been switched from WAIS to SWISH and WWWWAIS. Please contact us immediately at wwwstaff@qrd.org.

  • The QRD houses web pages listing queer resources in New Jersey and Maine. Other people which are interested in maintaining web pages for their state, please contact us at wwwstaff@qrd.org.

  • There are only a few organisations which have their web pages housed at the QRD. The lucky few right now are: If you want your organisation to have a web page, contact us at ron@qrd.org.

  • There is a new mailing list devoted to discussion of how to win and save equal marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples called Marriage. It also has a homepage.

  • Marriage is just one of about One Hundred mailing lists found in the lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender lists of lists

  • In addition to intrepid reporter, REX WOCKNER, Openly gay columnist GABRIEL ROTELLO now has a web page at the QRD. He has graciously allowed the QRD to archive his weekly New York Newsday column.

  • Book catalogs for a number of lesbian/gay/bisexual publishers e.g. Alyson Publications, Naiad Press, Madwoman Press, Down There Press, etc

  • Our extensive Media section also contains archives of a number different publications, such as Scotland's Pulse and Scotsgay.

  • The media section also includes a music section. The latest addition is The Gay Music Guide, written by Will Grega.

  • The Advocate has a directory in the QRD which contains summaries of issues and their current Lesbian and Bisexual Women Sexuality Survey.

  • We have an extensive collection of international queer resources. One of the most useful publications for European info is ILGA's monthly Euro-Letter.

  • For information on Eastern Europe from Sodomy Laws to contact lists.

  • Attention Campus Activists in New England! NEnet (New England Network of LGBT Organisations) has a list of nearly 100 college lgb groups in New England.

  • The fight against the U.S. military ban on homosexuality continues. The text of the latest decision ruling the 'new policy' unconstitutional is available in ABLE V USA. We also have the text of

  • In other legal news, we also have an entire directory devoted to the case EVANS V ROMER which deals with the constitutionality of Colorado's anti-gay Amendment 2 passed by voters in 1992.

  • We have an html version of Assembly Bill 1001 introduced by Sheila Kuehl, as amended in committee 03/28/95. The bill would prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation at California State Universities, Universities of California, and community colleges. We also have more laws related to California.

  • We also have archives of the monthly journal Lesbian/Gay Law Notes, edited by Professor Art Leonard.

  • One of the latest additions to our collection is the newsletters of Presbyterians for Gay and Lesbian Concerns from as far back as 1993.

  • We also have information from DIGNITY (for Catholics) as well as MCC and Unitarian Universalists.

  • There are now over 9000 files in the Queer Resources Directory...

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