HIGHLIGHTS of the Queer Resources Directory

Last updated: 08 February 1995

At long last, the New Items Pagemakes a return engagement. As always, report bad links or other problems to staff@qrd.org-- thanks!

  • Latest contact info (fax/email/phone/snail) for the United States House of Representativesand Senate.

  • Text of the "Registered Partnership" bills that allow same-sex couples to marry in DENMARK, SWEDENand NORWAY!

  • List of AGE OF CONSENTand SODOMY LAWSfor all 50 United States

  • Information on AGE OF CONSENT, ARMED FORCES STATUS and SODOMY LAWSfor over 20 countries in Europe

  • Book catalogsfor a number of lesbian/gay/bisexual publishers e.g. Firebrand Books, Naiad Press, Red Jordan Press, Vega Press, etc

  • International gay journalist REX WOCKNERhas graciously allowed the QRD to archive his 'Quote, Unquote',Baja Newsand Weekly News Briefscolumns.

  • The first issueof the online National Journal of Sexual Orientation Law (NJSOL)is available.

  • An extensive LIST OF RESOURCESsuch as hotlines, community centers, shelters, etc located in North America (compiled by Roy Radow).

  • The fight against the military ban continues. We have the text of STEFFAN, MEINHOLD, ABLE and many more...

  • The most comprehensive list of Internet mailing lists dealing with lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender and AIDS issuesis found in the pub/QRD/electronic/email directory.

  • A thorough international/multicultural bibliographyof gay, lesbian and bisexual books by or about members of non-English speaking cultures

  • A list of famous people who are not only gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender but also Black! It's called the BlackListand is compiled by Chuck Tarver. There is also an html version.

  • Does the company you are applying to give benefits to your life partner? Find out by clicking here! Do they have a sexual orientation nondiscrimination policy?

  • Yanoff's Internet Services Listis now available (explore the Net!)

  • We have The Out Listcompiled by Mark Hertzog listing literally hundreds of Out Famous and Semi-Famous Queers

  • A list of over 400 Queer Computer BBS'sfound all over the world

  • A list of over 200 Queer Publications(compiled by Brian Nunes)

  • list of over 500 movies with same-sex themesand addresses on how you can order them (compiled by Frank Swilling). There is also an HTML version here.

  • Another list of mainstream movies with same-sex contentavailable on home video is also available

  • A campuses directorywith directories of info from a number of different schools/universities/colleges such as USC, Vanderbilt, RPI, etc.

  • A very useful list of email addressescorresponding to a number of different organizations like NGLTF, HRCF, RFSL, et alia

  • A list of email addresses corresponding to a number of different media organizations. Yes, this is the famous Media List

  • There are over 7500files in the Queer Resources Directory...
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