What's New at the QRD?

We list all new files added to the QRD.

Here are other changes to the QRD:

26 June 1997
US Supreme Court overturns the "Communications Decency Act".
See the QRD's statement.
2 March 1997
Various (probably unnoticeable) interface changes. As always, please report any errors.
3 January 1997
Further minor interface changes.

A major interface change: system filenames are now reformatted somewhat when they are shown in file listings. E.g., the file gay.youth-SAN.JOSE.MERC-6.16.93 will show up in a file listing as "gay youth, san jose merc, 6/16/93". This should improve readability. (Note that the actual filenames and URLs stay the same.)

13 December 1996
Minor interface changes. Please report any errors.
3 October 1996
The "add a link" program was broken for a few days, but it has now been fixed. If you tried to submit a link and got a "Document Contains No Data" error, please resubmit. (If you did not get this error, please do not resubmit.)
14 May 1996
New section: /qrd/family/marriage/, containing info on same-sex marriages.
20 April 1996
Because of recent backend upgrades, directory names in the directory-tree map now can have descriptive names by them. We hope this makes the tree map a more useful navigational tool.
20 April 1996
Permanently discontinue all use of www.casti.com; as always, use www.qrd.org
23 February 1996
vector.casti.com no longer carries the QRD. The mirror for that part of the USA is www.casti.com for Web access, and ftp.casti.com for ftp access.
19 December 1995
We've added a random linker.
November 1995
The file http://www.qrd.org/qrd/www/last7.html will have changes and additions made in the last 7 days.
Please notify us immediately of any broken links on our pages.
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