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1997 legislative voting record, 11/10/97: (17K)
ab101 action needed gay student dignity, 04/25/97: (3.2K)
ab101 update, 03/18/97: (3Kb)
ab101 update, 04/09/97: (3.1K)
ab1059 action alert, 07/28/97: (6Kb)
ab1059 dom partner health action alert, 05/28/97: (2.1K)
ab1059 dp healthcare bill passes senate, 09/02/97: (2.3K)
ab1059 passes senate committee, 07/02/97: (1.4K)
ab257 action alert, 07/08/97: (3.5K)
ab257 civil rights bill passes senate, 09/10/97: (4.1K)
ab257 fails senate floor vote, 09/08/97: (2.9K)
ab257 passes senate judiciary committee, 07/17/97: (3.2K)
ab257 sample and call for oped letter, 10/02/97: (5.6K)
ab29 awaiting wilson signature, 09/25/97: (3.9K)
ab800 action alert sb911 update, 05/02/97: (4.7K)
action alert assembly bills, 05/12/97: (1.9K)
aids budget in jeopardy, 07/30/97: (2.5K)
alert ab101, 03/12/97: (7Kb)
alert ab1059, 06/25/97: (5Kb)
alert ab257, 03/07/97: (5.3K)
alert ab53 press release sb911, 03/05/97: (6.6K)
alert sb1301, 04/14/97: (3Kb)
alert sb911, 04/17/97: (874 bytes)
announces annual youth lobby day, 10/20/97: (2.3K)
annual family day for lgbt families, 09/23/97: (3.4K)
anti hate crimes legislation workshop, 09/29/97: (2.1K)
discussion on gender identity legislation, 11/10/97: (1.5K)
final governor actions on healthcare and rights, 10/17/97: (3.6K)
final hiv healthcare legislative update, 11/10/97: (52K)
final legislative actions HIV healthcare civilrights, 09/15/97: (4Kb)
final legislative and youth lobby update, 11/05/97: (21K)
four major bills update, 04/02/97: (4.3K)
gay rights bills update, 06/06/97: (4.1K)
gov vetoes ab257, 10/10/97: (3Kb)
hires new legislative advocate, 07/16/97: (2.4K)
HIV and healthcare legislation, 06/11/97: (4Kb)
legislative update, 04/24/97: (18K)
legislative update, 05/08/97: (3.4K)
legislative update, 06/04/97: (4Kb)
legislative update, 06/24/97: (38K)
legislative update civil rights, 06/13/97: (20K)
legislative update civil rights, 08/01/97: (21K)
legislative update civil rights, 09/18/97: (22K)
legislative update hiv health care, 08/04/97: (30K)
legislative update HIV healthcare, 09/22/97: (51K)
leglislative update, 04/15/97: (5.1K)
lobby joins emarch on washington, 11/20/97: (2.5K)
lobby position on HIV surveillance, 11/26/97: (7.1K)
republican senator threatens new antigay initiative, 10/02/97: (3.9K)
rotc bill lobby action alert, 06/25/97: (3.4K)
sb885 needle exchange update, 06/06/97: (1.2K)
senate and assembly email addresses, 07/07/97: (7.8K)
shameless pitch for donations, 06/09/97: (2.7K)
update, 04/22/97: (3.2K)
update ab424, 06/25/97: (5Kb)
urges thanks for votes on gay rights bills, 09/11/97: (3.7K)
youth lobby day info, 11/26/97: (2.9K)

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