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activists ejected from AIDS complacency hearing, 02/15/00: (3.5K)
biskupski speech against proposition 22, 02/25/00: (5.4K)
business association youth scholarship fund, 07/10/00: (1.7K)
civil disobedience at pcusa general assembly, 06/20/00: (3.5K)
civil rights era not over, 02/22/00: (3.3K)
declining AIDS stats to be presented, 06/05/00: (2.9K)
free condoms available during national condom week, 02/14/00: (3Kb)
gay suicides, 03/04/00: (2.8K)
[GLCSC] Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center
gleesc: (737 bytes, 11/21/1995)
good news about AIDS, 01/29/00: (5.9K)
hiv positive protest against cdc, 07/12/00: (5.2K)
HRC leader again donates to homofoe hatch, 03/12/00: (4.4K)
[IGLE] Institute for Gay and Lesbian Education
LA new chinese lesbian group formed, 02/10/00: (669 bytes)
LA paramount protest march, 03/19/00: (1.4K)
LA pride festival, 06/09/00: (3.8K)
LA times article sexuality and family in political spotlight, 08/04/00: (1.1K)
[LIFE] California's Lesbian/Gay & AIDS Lobby & Institute
long beach pride celebrations, 05/10/00: (1.4K)
magnus news 3 online, 03/10/00: (626 bytes)
[MCC] Metropolitan Community Church in Los Angeles
mccain endorses knight initiative, 02/24/00: (2.3K)
memorial for gay mormon martyr, 03/02/00: (3.2K)
national condom week kickoff, 02/08/00: (2.7K)
prop22 backers call gays evil, 02/08/00: (11K)
proposition 22 passes, 03/08/00: (3Kb)
rep bliley says ryan white funding favors san francisco, 06/16/00: (5.1K)
san diego student union asks for help against phelps, 04/24/00: (3.3K)
san jose murder victim identified, 02/01/00: (2.1K)
san jose transgender youth murdered, 01/27/00: (1.1K)
[SDC] Stonewall Democratic Club
sexual abuse in gay closets of power, 02/24/00: (8Kb)
SF achtenberg ammiano survey, 12/01/99: (5.4K)
SF AIDS deaths decline again, 04/28/00: (2.1K)
SF AIDS is endemic, 06/30/00: (4.6K)
SF gay pride events, 06/09/00: (8.5K)
SF health department releases raw hard hiv data, 07/10/00: (3.5K)
SF job openings at asian womens shelter, 01/15/00: (10K)
SF mayor to host 4th annual domestic partners ceremony, 03/02/00: (1.5K)
SF rectal gonorrhea leveling off, 04/13/00: (2.1K)
suicide protesting proposition 22, 03/01/00: (2.6K)
[update] Southern California gay and lesbian newspaper

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