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activists rally at capitol, 04/09/99: (4.3K)
AIDS drops to 7th lead killer in san francisco, 09/08/99: (4.5K)
AIDS prevention group calls for boycott of BAR, 03/13/99: (4.6K)
aids prevention message targets urinal crowd, 07/07/99: (3.6K)
another objection to AIDS inc targeting sexuality, 08/29/99: (5.1K)
BAR political editor donates to brown, 11/08/99: (2.4K)
CDCs intelligence arrives in san francisco, 09/01/99: (15K)
coburn AIDS assessment letter to HRSA, 03/10/99: (2.1K)
editorials deplore terms of mckinney plea bargain, 11/23/99: (8.9K)
fundamentalist ad in BAR brings objections, 11/02/99: (2.8K)
gay asian pacific alliance evening of song and dance, 06/13/99: (2.8K)
gay caucus at state democratic convention, 04/21/99: (5.7K)
grassroots of SF AIDS orgs demand baths reopen, 07/03/99: (2.1K)
hollywood transgender hate crime, 07/22/99: (1.9K)
LA police receive transgender sensitivity training, 05/07/99: (1.7K)
magnus political journal launched, 11/04/99: (2.3K)
magnus political journal web site operational, 11/06/99: (511 bytes)
martina and equal donations to queer candidates, 10/08/99: (6.6K)
mayor brown to host samesex wedding ceremony, 03/09/99: ()
oakland asian american women needed for documentary, 10/14/99: (2.6K)
oakland no on knight asian pacific strategy, 09/17/99: (2Kb)
pete knights son comes out against antigay initiative, 10/15/99: (10K)
queer friendly legislation, 03/19/99: (11K)
queer nation samesex kiss in, 03/24/99: (3.2K)
san diego lgbt student union 30th anniversary, 10/27/99: (2.9K)
san diego pride parade tear gas attack, 08/10/99: (5Kb)
san diego university lgbt student union anniversary gala, 11/17/99: (4.7K)
san francisco mike salinas resigning as BAR editor, 07/23/99: (2.3K)
san francisco tom ammiano interview, 08/06/99: (5Kb)
san francisco transgender woman assaulted, 07/30/99: (2.1K)
SF AIDS and std meeting, 08/22/99: (1.2K)
SF AIDS dissidents meet mayor, 01/23/99: (4.6K)
SF AIDS office programs to be audited, 03/01/99: (20K)
SF ballot initiative to honor harvey milk, 05/12/99: (3.4K)
SF bathhouse advocates meet with mayor brown, 05/06/99: (2Kb)
SF bathhouse ballot initiative unveiled, 05/03/99: (2.7K)
sf bathhouse events over folsom street fair, 09/24/99: (1.4K)
SF bathhouse meeting, 07/09/99: (2Kb)
SF bathhouse meetings, 04/08/99: (1Kb)
SF bathhouses and the homeless, 04/20/99: (2.3K)
SF call for videotaping sex club meeting, 03/23/99: (2.4K)
SF CAPE meeting announcement, 07/28/99: (9.6K)
SF chronicle demonstration to protest lies about gays, 05/24/99: (2.6K)
SF chronicle letter against POZ barebacking promotion, 02/07/99: (1.6K)
SF gays and stds meeting, 08/30/99: (735 bytes)
SF gays oppose death penalty for matthew shepards murderers, 01/05/99: (3.3K)
SF gays spread stds through aol chat rooms, 08/22/99: (1.9K)
SF health chief again admits he lacks definitive data, 08/29/99: (2.6K)
SF health department AIDS and STD numbers, 09/04/99: (3.8K)
SF public meetings demanded over syphilis scare, 08/25/99: (3Kb)
SF purple moon web dialogue, 02/20/99: (1.9K)
sf report indicates 29percent drop in syphilis cases, 09/22/99: (3.1K)
sf resolution on afghanistan gays and women, 01/26/99: (2.9K)
SF std chief dismisses concern over syphilis scare, 08/26/99: (3.2K)
signature gathering for bathhouse ballot initiative, 05/19/99: (3Kb)
transgender man found dead, 07/08/99: (1.8K)
UCSF alleges gay gohorrhea increasing, 08/30/99: (2.2K)
victory fund has not endorsed ammiano, 11/11/99: (3.3K)
west hollywood sheriffs show transgender sensitivity, 05/07/99: (1.4K)

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