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text from and about anti-gay religious organizations
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abominations: (5.5K, 3/9/1995)
ACLJ assault on your family mailing, 03/23/98: (4.3K)
ACTUP condemns christian coalition AOL summit, 07/29/97: (2.6K)
[AFA] American Family Association
aids fact without fiction: (8Kb, 8/15/1993)
all gods children, 05/01/96: (5.5K)
american way action line: (2.9K, 6/4/1996)
annotated pink swastika: (728K, 8/11/1997)
another long distance service, 03/96: (502 bytes, 3/25/1996)
antigay diatribe from christian group, 11/08/99: (5.3K)
arthur s demoss foundation: (415 bytes, 12/16/1993)
background on religious right, 07/29/97: (14K)
best of homophobic mail: (3Kb, 4/3/1995)
beware moderation by far right: (6.5K, 2/14/1995)
buchanan supporters assault michael, 02/18/96: (2.9K)
[cameron] Paul Cameron
capitol hill prayer alert, 11/06/94: (5.7K)
[CFV] Colorado for Family Values
christian coalition new leaders no change, 06/13/97: (2.7K)
christian coalition watch subscribe, 06/27/95: (4.1K)
christian radio host urges death to gays, 09/13/97: (3.2K)
combatting radio homophobes, 04/14/96: (16K)
concerned women of america: (89 bytes, 10/7/1992)
conf on countering religious right, 09/97: (4.5K, 8/16/1997)
craswell linked to rushdoony, 09/96: (6.4K, 12/17/1996)
crusade for the classroom: (7.2K, 10/26/1993)
[CWA] Concerned Women of America
death for homos pastor p peters: (54K, 2/15/1994)
dobson focus on the family attacks UFMCC, 11/24/97: (1.7K)
expose the right project: (6.5K, 1/30/1996)
failing to convert gays and lesbians, 03/18/99: (878 bytes)
fall of democratic party, 07/29/97: (25K)
falwell dinner on with protests threatened, 10/07/99: (6.7K)
far right contacts: (2.4K, 6/4/1993)
far right quotes: (11K, 5/26/1992)
far rights contacts: (2.4K, 5/31/1993)
fist of god targets portales gays, 07/22/97: (5.4K)
focus on the family event, 08/25/98: (1.5K)
focus on the family gathers signatures for CA DOMA, 06/23/98: ()
[FOF] Focus on the Family
[FRC] Family Research Council
fundamentalism exposed: (10K, 4/9/1995)
fundies press release on church riot: (16K, 11/18/1993)
gary bauer for president, 01/07/99: (4.6K)
gay agenda, 08/03/97: (1.4K)
gay genocide outlined by christian broadcasting network programming, 10/28/98: (8Kb)
gay packet 1: (86K, 11/24/1993)
gay packet 2: (123K, 11/24/1993)
gays attacked at kentucky hearings, 08/19/97: (4.8K)
godhatesfags com hosting details, 09/15/97: ()
guest chaplain gives vicious prayer, 01/96: (2.6K, 2/4/1996)
hard right secret meeting, 08/09/96: (3.6K)
heavens gates hells flames: (6.6K, 11/27/1995)
how to fight the right: (28K, 4/19/1995)
HRC launches pro disney campaign, 06/26/97: (4.6K)
interview with jesus: (17K, 11/9/1995)
irs990s for christian coalition, 05/28/98: (1.5K)
jerry falwell responds angrily to open letter, 07/01/99: (17K)
jerry falwell to meet with gay people of faith, 10/14/99: (5.2K)
jesus save us from your followers, 06/06/98: (1.2K)
joan gomez homophobic book: (5.1K, 1/31/1995)
kennedy on family values, 04/27/97: (1.9K)
liberty journal article on tinky winky, 02/11/99: (4Kb)
mad elephants documentary: (2.1K, 4/20/1996)
mel white confronts jerry falwells recent antigay rhetoric, 10/08/99: (19K)
mobilize america, 10/14/96: (1.4K)
morality crusade just beginning: (2.7K, 2/1/1994)
more top resignations at christian coalition, 03/10/99: (5Kb)
national campaign to protect marriage, 02/10/96: (4.1K)
NGLTF denounces christian coalition campaign, 02/18/98: (3.2K)
[nicolosi] Joseph Nicolosi
one percent solution IN THESE TIMES: (4.2K, 7/1/1993)
open letter 3 to jerry falwell, 07/16/99: (12K)
open letter to presiding bishop, 09/08/96: (9.3K)
ordering antigay videos: (4.3K, 8/4/1993)
pat robertson bank of scotland deal unraveling, 06/03/99: (4.5K)
PFAW coverage of christian coalition conf, 09/14/97: ()
pfaw report antigay inits and legis 10 and 11 96: (31K, 12/13/1996)
PFLAG challenges baptist boycott of disney, 06/26/97: (8.2K)
[phelps] Fred Phelps and family
plan to infiltrate public libraries: (17K, 11/12/1995)
pope lashes out again: (3Kb, 4/3/1994)
profiles of 4 religious right leaders: (17K, 11/6/1993)
progay cartoon strip faces boycott, 08/18/97: (4.8K)
project spotlight: (24K, 1/27/1995)
protesters storm antigay psychs lecture, 04/29/95: (5Kb)
questions for moral absolutists: (2Kb, 4/18/1996)
race and religious right: (9.3K, 5/18/1994)
ralph reed sneaky the letter editorial, 06/26/95: (2.9K)
reaction to robertsons statements on orlando gay days, 06/10/98: (612 bytes)
reed vs robertson quotes, 05/23/96: (11K)
[reisman] Judith Reisman
religious liberty hearing alert, 06/19/95: (1.3K)
religious right bibliography: (10K, 10/29/1993)
religious right postpones brazil dp law vote, 08/02/97: (3.5K)
religious right renews attack on gay spirituality, 11/19/97: (6.9K)
religious rights secret war: (3.9K, 7/17/1994)
responses to sbc disney boycott, 06/13/96: (8.8K)
right wing twists nambla, 02/28/94: (5Kb)
[robertson] Pat Robertson and the 700 Club
rrr agenda: (26K, 4/18/1995)
rr resources on the net: (40K, 6/20/1994)
rrr is listening: (3.5K, 2/1/1994)
rrr kennedy survey: (17K, 2/1/1994)
rrrpage: (382 bytes, 8/4/1995)
rrrpage: (383 bytes, 8/4/1995)
rrr recruits af am ministers: (6.6K, 1/25/1994)
sajak joins rrr think tank: (1.5K, 11/17/1995)
sbc disney resolution txt, 06/96: (3.7K, 6/17/1996)
schlafly vmi letter, 07/24/96: (5.5K)
[socarides] Charles Socarides
strategies against the RRR: (2.6K, 8/5/1994)
survey of rr: (4.4K, 10/7/1994)
terry and horn to protest, 02/28/96: (2.3K)
the lambda report: (9.9K, 8/14/1993)
true witness, 02/29/96: (66K)
[TVC] Traditional Values Coalition
two new rrr tactics: (5Kb, 8/21/1997)
[UCP] University Conversion Project
video propaganda: (329 bytes, 3/14/1993)
what if: (7Kb, 5/16/1995)
xian viper web sites: (4.5K, 2/26/1995)

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