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Pat Robertson and the 700 Club
700 club off air in hawaii, 05/21/97: (2.4K)
700 club transcript, 3/1/93: (11K)
ACLJ chief counsel report, 09/13/97: (20K)
afv response to robertson, 11/23/95: (2.4K)
buchanan at xian coalition conf: (3.2K, 9/16/1993)
cbn 800: (16 bytes, 8/26/1992)
cbn response to pflag, 11/13/95: (2.7K)
christian broadcasting network online: (2.9K, 6/6/1994)
christian coalition congressional scorecard: (2Kb, 8/15/1993)
christian coalition federal votes survey: (2Kb, 8/18/1993)
christian coalition schedule 1994: (2.8K, 2/16/1994)
christian coalition to spend million on contract: (3.7K, 1/27/1995)
david wilhelm at xian coalition: (2.9K, 9/17/1993)
faythe white on robertson: (4.3K, 3/13/1995)
gay agenda on family channel, 03/13/94: (2.9K)
glaad condemns cbn bullying, 11/20/95: (2.2K)
iwg letter on robertson, 09/23/95: (2.1K)
letter from pflag, 04/02/96: (3.4K)
MCC on mel white at regent u: (5.8K, 2/15/1995)
[mel and pat] Mel White and Pat Robertson
mel white arrested at regent u 2: (2.4K, 2/15/1995)
mel white arrested at regent u: (1.9K, 2/15/1995)
mel white at regent u participants: (3.8K, 2/15/1995)
mel white at regent u update: (2.2K, 2/15/1995)
mel white confronts robertson 2: (3.3K, 2/14/1995)
mel white confronts robertson 3: (2.7K, 2/14/1995)
mel white confronts robertson: (3.6K, 2/14/1995)
mel white info, 02/19/95: (1.7K)
mel white press kit, 02/15/95: (11K)
mel white press kit, 02/18/95: (8.6K)
minnesota cc and vouchers, 10/25/95: (1.4K)
ny congress members report card, 02/96: (23K, 3/1/1996)
open letter from mel white, 01/25/96: (5.3K)
pat robertson CHURCH+STATE, 10/92: (12K, 10/16/1992)
petition against antigay campaign: (2Kb, 2/11/1996)
reed vs robertson quotes, 05/23/96: (11K)
road to victory report, 09/18/96: (7.6K)
robertson admits cc partisan, 08/15/96: (1.7K)
robertson empire: (14K, 11/7/1994)
robertson on AIDS: (8.6K, 2/3/1995)
tate and hodel to lead christian coalition, 06/11/97: (3.1K)
tia on voter guides, 10/12/96: (3.3K)
white returns, 02/05/96: (6.1K)

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