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a and u magazine endorses millennium march, 04/15/99: (3.7K)
another warning from hitlers third reich, 06/26/99: (3.9K)
civil disobedience planned for creech trial, 11/10/99: (17K)
creech trial act of spiritual violence, 11/23/99: (7.9K)
equality begins at home launches interfaith outreach, 02/24/99: (6Kb)
feminist majority endorses millennium march, 02/22/99: (3Kb)
former methodist pastor pens coming out journal, 04/08/99: (2.4K)
heartened by vermont ruling, 12/21/99: (1.7K)
how soulforce hopes to prevent creech trial, 11/08/99: (15K)
invitation to email journey into soulforce, 04/01/99: (2.5K)
jerry falwells ghost still haunting him , 06/05/99: (10K)
lesbian and gay bands endorse millenium march, 04/20/99: (3.4K)
lynchburg dialogue begins, 10/21/99: (3.9K)
meet the board of millennium march, 03/01/99: (10K)
mel white resigns UFMCC to launch soulforce siege, 07/19/99: (5.8K)
millennium march, 03/23/99: (4.3K)
millennium march promises massive voter turnout, 05/02/99: (4.4K)
millennium march to promote glbt vote 2000, 02/11/99: (4.7K)
millennium march update, 04/05/99: (3.8K)
millennium march wedding to celebrate same sex marriage, 01/15/99: (3.1K)
NOW endorses millennium march, 02/18/99: (2.6K)
people of faith risk arrest to protest spiritual violence, 11/11/99: (4.4K)
responds to hawaii ruling, 12/13/99: (1.5K)
response to sentencing in matthew shepard murder, 04/06/99: (3.5K)
rev sherriff murder update, 10/21/99: (2.5K)
rock the vote endorses millennium march, 04/09/99: (4.5K)
same sex couples to demonstrate during millennium march, 11/11/99: (4.4K)
same sex wedding and arrest, 11/14/99: (1.6K)
soulforce invitation to help end antihomosexual wars, 02/26/99: (8Kb)
soulforce letter to united methodists, 11/02/99: (10K)
soulforce response to littleton massacre, 05/10/99: (6.7K)
soulforce response to tinky winky war, 02/18/99: (9.8K)
statement on billy jack gaither murder, 03/05/99: (4.1K)
texas church target of vandalism and arson, 02/26/99: (3.8K)
texas judge rules on acceptable churches for glbt families, 04/26/99: (4.8K)
texas judge ruling on acceptable churches update, 05/06/99: (5.2K)
update on millennium march, 03/24/99: (7.4K)
white begs methodists to cancel creech trial, 11/02/99: (4.3K)
white promises soulforce intervention at creech trial, 11/02/99: (4.3K)
why we are going to the millennium march on washington, 02/04/99: (6Kb)
world jubilee and general conference information, 04/01/99: (16K)

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