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aclu on doma, 07/11/96: (4.9K)
action on doma this week, 07/08/96: (10K)
alert, 05/12/96: (3.6K)
antidoma protest arrests, 09/13/96: (1.8K)
aol poll results, 05/16/96: (1.5K)
australian report on last ditch efforts, 09/05/96: (4.2K)
calling their bluff, 06/06/96: (3.9K)
call to conscience, 07/25/96: (5.6K)
c gingrich on posturing, 06/03/96: (2.8K)
church defaced after opposing doma, 09/26/96: (2.6K)
clinton email zap, 05/24/96: (2.2K)
clinton letter, 08/07/96: (1.9K)
clinton on doma, 05/23/96: (2.9K)
clinton radio ad txt, 10/14/96: (1.1K)
clinton zapped at church, 09/22/96: (2Kb)
commentary on ads, 10/15/96: (4.6K)
conscience and closets, 07/26/96: (5Kb)
contacts senators against doma, 09/10/96: (2.6K)
demilio on doma, 05/14/96: (4.3K)
dole signs on antimarriage bill, 05/09/96: (3.5K)
enda doma strategy, 07/23/96: (4.6K)
fighting past clinton, 05/22/96: (4.9K)
gay dems on clinton and dole ads, 10/15/96: (8.8K)
gay repubs oppose outing, 08/02/96: (1Kb)
glcsc on clinton, 05/22/96: (2.1K)
house no votes, 07/12/96: (4.3K)
hr3396 txt, 05/08/96: (2.1K)
hrc act now, 05/08/96: (4.8K)
hrc clinton would sign, 05/22/96: (3.3K)
hrc demands clinton oppose doma, 05/17/96: (3.4K)
hrc on clinton ad, 10/15/96: (2.3K)
hrc on house passage, 07/12/96: (3.3K)
hrc on subcomm passage, 05/30/96: (3Kb)
hrc response to critics, 09/20/96: (3.8K)
hrc says unconstitutional, 05/15/96: (3.7K)
hrc slams house leadership, 05/13/96: (3.3K)
indiana alert, 07/11/96: (5.5K)
interracial marriage poll info, 07/28/96: (18K)
john lewis statement, 07/11/96: (3.7K)
lcc on ads, 10/15/96: (4Kb)
lldef statement, 07/12/96: (2.9K)
MCC on DOMA, 09/20/96: (2.9K)
more from ngltf on ad, 10/16/96: (3Kb)
national orgs on doma vote, 07/12/96: (7.1K)
ngltf clinton supports, 05/22/96: (2.2K)
ngltf denounces doma, 05/15/96: (2.4K)
ngltf on clinton ad, 10/15/96: (2.9K)
ngltf on house passage, 07/12/96: (4.4K)
ngltf urges clinton to oppose, 05/13/96: (2.6K)
no on doma, 07/11/96: (4.3K)
nyc demo anniv of constitution, 09/17/96: (704 bytes)
nyc demo planned, 09/17/96: (1.1K)
on kolbe and mccreary outing, 07/26/96: (4.4K)
passes subcommittee, 05/30/96: (4.7K)
pflag alert, 05/10/96: (4.3K)
pflag alert, 05/20/96: (4.3K)
pflag alert and testimony, 07/12/96: (6.5K)
pflag gives testimony, 05/16/96: (2.4K)
pflag on house vote, 07/12/96: (1.9K)
poll no consensus on doma, 06/05/96: (5Kb)
protest at clintons church, 09/22/96: (1.5K)
s4869 txt, 05/10/96: (20K)
sample arguments and letter, 06/17/96: (11K)
save trans marriages from doma, 09/11/96: (2.7K)
senate doma vote anyday, 07/22/96: (7.5K)
senate hears doma testimony, 07/11/96: (4.3K)
senate vote rollcall, 09/10/96: (4.2K)
stonewall dems on doma, 05/23/96: (3.9K)
talking points, 05/08/96: (4.3K)
white house on house vote, 07/12/96: (5.7K)
white house on marriage 05 13 and 14 96: (9.5K, 5/16/1996)
white house on marriage and amend2, 05/20/96: (3.3K)

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