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25th anniversary of gay bar fire in new orleans, 07/03/98: (6.7K)
30th anniversary retrospective, 08/26/98: (44K)
barbara smith letter criticism of millenium march, 05/01/98: (4.4K)
cathedral of hope target of bomb threat, 04/03/98: (2.9K)
endorsements update for millennium march, 06/05/98: (2.9K)
ford foundation makes historic gay youth grant, 10/07/98: (3.2K)
fred phelps to picket MCC san francisco, 05/29/98: (6.4K)
fundraising milestone passed for new cathedral, 01/21/98: (2.4K)
gay clergy receives aclu award, 01/07/98: (6.9K)
initial board members elected for millennium march, 06/18/98: (3.2K)
jesse jackson joins troy perry in national hate crimes campaign, 10/23/98: (4.3K)
jesse jackson joins troy perry in rally for hate crimes legislation, 10/21/98: (2.3K)
jimmy creech fired after performing lesbian wedding, 05/05/98: (3.7K)
millennium march announces cochair, 08/20/98: (3.5K)
millennium march hires producer, 08/20/98: (3.5K)
millennium march on washington for equal rights, 02/09/98: (3.7K)
millennium march organizers announce event date, 04/30/98: (4Kb)
millennium march to strengthen glbt organizations, 06/05/98: (3Kb)
national day of silence announced, 03/11/98: (3.6K)
national endorsements for millenium march grow, 05/05/98: (2.8K)
news on bomb threats against churches, 06/03/98: (4.5K)
notes from the millennium march, 05/22/98: (2.8K)
phelps protest at minneapolis church, 07/30/98: (4.9K)
phelps to picket another church, 07/25/98: (2.7K)
receives gill foundation grant, 05/20/98: (2.6K)
resources for vigils to honor matthew shepard, 10/12/98: (13K)
response to lambeth conference resolution on sexuality, 08/06/98: (7Kb)
response to millenium march criticism, 05/05/98: (2.8K)
response to wyoming hate crime, 10/12/98: (3.9K)
rev troy perry calls for apology from trent lott, 06/17/98: (3Kb)
rev troy perry statement on matthew shepard death, 10/12/98: (1.7K)
robin tyler letter on millennium march, 03/06/98: (6.9K)
rochester ny churches issue call for justice rally, 08/27/98: (3.9K)
same sex wedding to be largest ever, 08/10/98: (2.3K)
second MCC church is target of bomb threat, 05/28/98: (2.4K)
social justice rally in rochester NY, 09/01/98: (3.9K)
social justice resources for responding to antigay ad campaign, 08/01/98: (7.7K)
the trial of jimmy creech, 03/11/98: (29K)
to sponsor national african american conference, 01/20/98: (2.8K)
troy perry condemns NY times exgay ad, 07/13/98: (3.9K)
troy perry reports on matthew shepard funeral, 10/19/98: (5.9K)
troy perry responds to millennium march complaints, 09/23/98: (8.8K)
troy perry statement on millennium march, 03/05/98: (6.7K)
truth and justice rally to confront catholic church, 09/11/98: (3Kb)
update on phelps picket in san francisco, 06/02/98: (3.6K)
will justice be denied to black lesbian, 04/21/98: (2.1K)

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