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action list, 02/03/93: (3.3K)
appeals wont suspend ruling: (840 bytes, 10/17/1993)
armed services cmte, 04/10/93: (14K)
Aspin Directive On Ban: (5.4K, 7/29/1993)
ban appeal to full court: (937 bytes, 10/29/1993)
barney frank compromise: (13K, 5/28/1993)
bill clinton, 1/29/93: (15K)
chapter headings of rand report: (2.2K, 12/15/1993)
Clinton Announces Ban Policy, 7/19/93: (17K)
clinton announces ban policy, 7/19/93: (17K)
Coleman Mcarthy DCPOST: (4.7K, 6/11/1993)
colin powell at harvard transcript, 06/18/93: (8.3K)
compromise wont work ELLEN GOODMAN: (4.6K, 7/11/1993)
conduct unbecoming author, 7/14/93: (5.4K)
conduct unbecoming by whom TIME: (5.3K, 1/2/1994)
dod, 1/29/93: (3.3K)
dont ask dont tell song: (3.8K, 11/8/1993)
dont ask dont tell the song, 11/01/93: (3.2K)
elzie sues govt, 9/7/93: (2.6K)
gay mag on navy ships: (1.3K, 10/17/1993)
gays in the military book: (901 bytes, 9/9/1993)
gay sues navy for kickout: (2.5K, 9/20/1993)
georgia poll on military ban, 06/10/93: (3Kb)
Goldwater on ban: (5.9K, 6/11/1993)
how to get copy of rand study: (1Kb, 8/27/1993)
humor on new policy: (2.9K, 8/14/1993)
janet reno on new ban: (4.1K, 9/8/1993)
letter from gerry studds: (4.4K, 10/28/1993)
letter from pat schroeder: (2.2K, 9/6/1993)
letter from rep eshoo: (1.3K, 7/20/1993)
letter from rep lightfoot: (2Kb, 9/5/1993)
letter from rep pickle: (1.7K, 7/20/1993)
letter from ron dellums: (2Kb, 12/30/1993)
letter from sam nunn: (6.8K, 4/3/1993)
libertarians on dont ask, 07/16/93: (2.1K)
marine of the year: (2.4K, 4/13/1993)
meinhold v dod supreme court stay, 11/01/93: (1.8K)
memo of instruction, 1/29/93: (1.3K)
military ban action alert, 9/13/93: (4.8K)
military ban rollcall votes: (29K, 10/6/1993)
military bans worldwide: (6Kb, 1/29/1993)
military bans worldwide COPLEY: (8Kb, 6/6/1993)
military ban update, 7/15/93: (9.4K)
more crae pridgen AP: (3.4K, 4/20/1993)
nathan hale brigade, 04/18/93: (2.7K)
navynews, 1/29/93: (5.2K)
navynews, 2/4/93: (2.8K)
navy ordered to court over policy: (1.4K, 12/30/1993)
new ban policy LIBERTARIAN PARTY: (2.4K, 7/23/1993)
new joint chief of staff: (1.6K, 8/14/1993)
new pentagon ban rules: (3.6K, 12/23/1993)
nunn hearings transcript, 04/02/93: (163K)
nunn transcript: (159K, 1/2/1994)
police chief letter: (2.7K, 1/3/1993)
positively gay gift: (2.4K, 6/9/1993)
powell bodyguard story: (2.5K, 6/16/1993)
queer declaration of independence, 07/04/93: (6.7K)
rand study publicly released, 8/26/93: (6.2K)
second judge rules ban unconstitutional: (4.5K, 9/9/1993)
senate passes nunn military ban DC BLADE: (4.1K, 9/16/1993)
senate vote on ban tally: (4.7K, 2/8/1993)
senators demand rand study released: (2.6K, 8/15/1993)
sense of congress, 2/5/93: (1Kb)
servicemembers legal defence fund: (677 bytes, 12/23/1993)
stop tailhook 93: (1.1K, 10/17/1993)
support and defend: (994 bytes, 6/15/1993)
supreme court joins pentagon NYTN: (3.3K, 11/8/1993)
the white house, 1/29/93: (44K)
tracy thorne interview, 5/18/93: (37K)
tracy thorne op ed: (4.6K, 7/17/1993)
vote tally on military ban, 9/9/93: (7.7K)
white house appeals hatter to supreme court: (3.6K, 10/29/1993)
worldwide reaction to new ban AP: (3.5K, 7/26/1993)

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