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Evangelical, Anglican, Mormon, and more
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activists face arrest at methodist conference, 05/05/00: (3.7K)
[AWAB] Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists
aware: (7.2K, 3/12/1996)
bishops clergy and laity arrested during methodist conference, 05/11/00: (3.4K)
chicago wow2000 press conference, 08/03/00: (2.9K)
chicago wow2000 report, 08/07/00: (4.7K)
chicago wow200 expects over 900, 08/01/00: (3.6K)
christian glbt and allies conference, 07/13/00: (7.4K)
civil disobedience endorsed by equal partners in faith, 05/14/00: (4.5K)
civil disobedience planned for presbyterian assembly, 05/17/00: (5.2K)
civil disobedience stuns methodists, 05/14/00: (9.5K)
civil rights leaders to lead march for glbt rights, 04/20/00: (4.3K)
[cristo press] LGB-friendly evangelical Christian publications
emergence international: (695 bytes, 8/7/1995)
encouraging verdict in methodist investigation, 02/15/00: (3Kb)
[episcopal] Episcopal, Anglican, and COE churches
evangelicals concerned chapters: (2.2K, 6/25/1995)
famous activists to join protest at methodist conference, 05/03/00: (4.3K)
fellowships ban on gay leaders splits 2 campuses, 05/11/00: (12K)
funds needed for methodist conference demonstration, 04/28/00: (6.2K)
gay affirming evangelical christian church, 12/15/98: (1Kb)
glad alliance: (6.8K, 7/8/1996)
homosexuality is compatible with christian teaching, 05/30/00: (6.3K)
kennedy reclaiming america but for who, 07/31/98: (2.7K)
kirkridge retreat, 05/30/00: (1.9K)
[MCC] Metropolitan Community Church
MCC congregation purchases lutheran property, 06/22/97: (2.5K)
mcc honored in broward florida: (1.1K, 1/16/1994)
MCC invites presbyterians to communion, 06/27/97: (4.4K)
[mel white] LGB-supportive Christian minister/activist Mel White
methodist bishops join civil disobedience at conference, 05/09/00: (3.6K)
methodist ministor planning another union ceremony, 05/12/00: (1.9K)
methodist pastor faces trial over holy union, 02/26/99: (8.8K)
pat robertson says women cant play chess: (2Kb, 8/9/1994)
PCUSA general assembly, 06/97: (5.1K, 6/1/1997)
planning southern baptist convention protest, 05/23/00: (4.2K)
[PLGC] Presbyterians for Lesbian and Gay Concerns
presbyterian headquarters picketed, 03/21/97: (1.8K)
protestant acceptance of lgbs: (4.5K, 1/15/1993)
protest rally planned for methodist convention, 05/04/00: (2.8K)
soulforce background paper on united methodists, 03/24/00: (19K)
soulforce university, 03/27/00: (19K)
speaking truth to power in cleveland, 05/22/00: (5.7K)
supportive congregations network announced, 10/26/95: (2.8K)
the anti christ revealed: (13K, 1/14/1995)
transsexual minister told to resign, 03/96: (4.4K, 3/11/1996)
[UCC] United Church of Christ
ufmcc rejected again, 02/94: (4.6K, 3/10/1994)
unitarian universalist matthew shepard hate crimes petition, 11/21/98: (4.6K)
united methodist clergy issue progay declaration, 06/06/00: (3.3K)
united methodist conference another missed opportunity, 05/17/00: (2.8K)
xian test: (15K, 2/25/1992)

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