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Judeo-Christian religions and homosexuality
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[judaism] post-1st century CE Judaism
[eastern orthodox] all Eastern rite churches
[catholicism] Roman Catholicism
[protestantism] Evangelical, Anglican, Mormon, and more
15 reasons: (16K, 8/17/1996)
another effort at explaining the bible and queers: (12K, 7/13/1994)
baptists deny gays american dream, 06/18/97: (1.8K)
bible doesnt condemn homosex ALBUQUERQUE TRIBUNE: (3.4K, 1/14/1995)
bible doesnt say homosexuality is bad: (3Kb, 12/12/1994)
bible is empty closet: (13K, 2/14/1995)
bible on homos: (78K, 7/21/1992)
bible on same gender sexual behavior, 10/25/94: (26K)
bible skepticism resources: (6.4K, 7/6/1996)
bible translation and interpretation resources: (7Kb, 10/13/1996)
bible: (16K, 7/8/1992)
bishops: (9.6K, 7/8/1992)
calendar of lgbt saints: (102K, 11/15/1994)
call for dialog: (55K, 3/15/1996)
christian internet resources, 03/01/94: ()
christian invasion of boulder: (6Kb, 8/2/1994)
christianity and homosexuality: (3.8K, 5/31/1994)
christian omnibus: (82 bytes, 8/25/1992)
christian spirituality as seen by gays: (14K, 8/2/1994)
christian www resource list: (6.4K, 6/20/1994)
compendium of biblical comebacks: (8.5K, 2/1/1994)
cry for renewal, 05/23/95: (6.7K)
debunking john boswell: (20K, 9/15/1994)
ecumenical order of charity: (5.3K, 11/15/1995)
family traditions for all survey: (15K, 1/25/1994)
gay christian bibliography: (4.1K, 12/16/1994)
GLAAD responds to baptist boycott of disney, 06/18/97: (9.5K)
good news for lesbigay people, 11/04/94: (4.9K)
great satire by tobias haller: (12K, 3/10/1994)
handbook of lgbt saints: (85K, 8/5/1994)
heterosexual deviants, 01/26/96: (7Kb)
HRC calls baptist boycott morally wrong, 06/18/97: (4.1K)
invalid use of bible as antigay: (5.2K, 5/27/1994)
is homosexuality a sin: (37K, 9/6/1995)
john boswell: (530 bytes, 10/21/1992)
kairos l: (6.8K, 12/7/1995)
lesbians in the bible: (1.1K, 5/24/1994)
letter to an elder: (11K, 6/21/1996)
leviticus, 18/22: (22K, 7/21/1992)
leviticus 18 and 20 in social and legal context: (36K, 4/29/1995)
lgb friendly xtian churches: (17K, 4/3/1994)
lgcm contact info: (1.3K, 12/14/1996)
list of other sins: (1.3K, 2/24/1993)
luti: (1Kb, 4/2/1997)
one familys story, 03/13/96: (14K)
PFLAG responds to baptist boycott of disney, 06/18/97: (2.3K)
radically inclusive pastor: (12K, 12/13/1996)
rainbow family values review, 08/03/96: (7.5K)
satire jesus and republicans: (5Kb, 11/24/1995)
second stone resource guide: (70K, 7/8/1996)
sins of sodom reference guide: (17K, 12/10/1994)
story of sodom: (17K, 1/14/1995)
truth about sodom: (5.8K, 8/5/1994)
unchristian behavior MOLLY IVINS: (3.6K, 9/23/1993)
unconventional approach homosexuality and christianity: (17K, 1/30/1996)
unity fellowship churches: (1.3K, 1/20/1996)
xtian marriage rites: (3.2K, 1/3/1994)

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