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AIDS activist allan terl remembered, 12/04/97: (1.5K)
applauds democrat club opposition to senator jenne, 10/30/97: (1Kb)
asks clinton to end silence on aids drugs, 09/10/97: (6.8K)
broward action alert evangelical political activists, 06/28/97: (2.7K)
broward baptists deny gays american dream, 06/18/97: (1.8K)
broward bill banning dp passes fl senate, 05/01/97: (3.6K)
broward chiles spin on codification of anti same sex unions, 05/31/97: (6.7K)
broward county rainbow awards, 11/27/97: (1.9K)
broward dp equality affirmation, 04/15/97: (3.2K)
broward governor chiles avoids anti gay issue, 05/30/97: (1.8K)
broward house passes anti dp bill, 03/27/97: (1.5K)
broward legislating inequality, 03/15/97: (2.7K)
broward letter re helms opposition to weld appointment, 07/30/97: (2.7K)
broward newsletter, 07/97: (4.5K, 7/28/1997)
broward reply to rrr on dp in mississippi, 02/14/97: (1.5K)
broward republicans sign nondiscrimination policies, 03/28/97: (2.3K)
broward response to anti same sex marriage article, 03/03/97: (3.8K)
broward salutes dornans aid coming out, 05/10/97: (2.4K)
broward senator calls for louganis speech cancellation, 01/25/97: (1.4K)
chides VFW for antigay resolution, 11/29/97: (2.9K)
fda reform major victory, 12/03/97: (3.8K)
gay republican convention, 07/19/97: (4.9K)
helms on weld a one man committee meeting, 09/13/97: (2.5K)
marvin liebman honored, 04/03/97: (2.3K)
sees hope in catholic pastoral letter, 10/04/97: (1.5K)
senate to hold hearing on ENDA, 10/22/97: (7.5K)

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