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Log Cabin Club
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acknowledges shaw cosponsorship of ryan white act, 08/14/00: (2.9K)
applauds house on bipartisan ryan white bill, 07/11/00: (4.3K)
applauds public shift by bush, 03/06/00: (2Kb)
broward mourns passing of dana manchester, 02/04/00: (1.8K)
bush and gay republicans make amends, 04/12/00: (542 bytes)
bush and gore respond to AIDS questions, 05/18/00: (1.1K)
bush meets with gay supporters, 04/13/00: (3Kb)
california president writes governor bush, 04/06/00: (3.6K)
catania endorses kabel for rnc, 04/28/00: (3.9K)
cindi hutchinson honored by log cabin, 04/20/00: (2.4K)
congress moves ahead on ryan white care act, 04/10/00: (2.1K)
connerly leads gop charge against prop 22, 01/27/00: (3.2K)
dont ask dont tell editorial, 01/17/00: (1Kb)
first openly gay republican to address convention, 07/24/00: (2.6K)
fraudulent giuliani press release, 05/22/00: (1Kb)
gay gop mayor retracts comments, 03/01/00: (1.8K)
gay republicans advance at iowa caucuses, 01/26/00: (4.2K)
gay republicans get equal time at democratic convention, 08/11/00: (3.8K)
george bush on log cabin, 12/17/99: (2Kb)
gop congressman calls on bush to meet with logcabin, 03/14/00: (1.4K)
gop congress moves to address world AIDS crisis, 01/24/00: (4.2K)
gore endorsement undermines HRCs claimed mission, 02/11/00: (5.6K)
governor bush and log cabin, 03/28/00: (985 bytes)
governor bush to meet with gay backers, 04/12/00: (3.6K)
governor pataki statement on hate crimes agreement, 06/23/00: (4.7K)
governor praises passage of hate crimes bill, 06/07/00: (3.3K)
historic hate crimes bill set for passage, 06/07/00: (0 bytes)
launches national advisory board, 06/16/00: (2Kb)
liberty education fund seeking development director, 06/27/00: (1.2K)
mccain endorses knight initiative, 02/24/00: (2.3K)
mississippi to ban gay adoptions, 04/21/00: (2.4K)
more mccain comments, 01/19/00: (3.1K)
new hampshire and beyond, 02/02/00: (2.3K)
open letter to elizabeth birch, 08/15/00: (6.5K)
reception for gay officials at convention, 07/20/00: (2.9K)
rich tafel renews contract, 06/13/00: (3.5K)
rich tafel responds to elizabeth birch, 02/17/00: (5.7K)
seeks new field director, 06/14/00: (929 bytes)
senate passes hate crimes measure, 06/21/00: (2.3K)
statement on giuliani decision, 05/19/00: (1.7K)

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