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public opinion polls relating to sexual minorities
american national election study: (1.8K, 8/18/1993)
american national election study 2: (1.9K, 8/18/1993)
british tv viewers more approving: (1.1K, 11/22/1995)
canada vs usa gay tolerance, 04/30/98: (1.6K)
gay boy scout leaders, 03/31/00: (658 bytes)
glb college campus experience questions: (4.6K, 6/8/1994)
glb counseling psychotherapy survey questionare: (7.3K, 6/2/1994)
glb greeks actual survey questions: (14K, 3/10/1994)
glb greeks results: (18K, 4/26/1996)
glb greeks survey respondents wanted: (1.9K, 3/10/1994)
glnss survey: (4.2K, 12/2/1992)
msnbc poll on utah lesbian teacher, 10/24/97: (899 bytes)
newsweek poll, 08/27/92: (1.7K)
newsweek poll, 8/27/92: (3.2K)
prelim results glb therapy survey, 05/21/95: (10K)
queer poll, 6/12/92: (385 bytes)
queer stats, 4/27/93: (4.2K)
request for research volunteers, 04/96: (1.9K, 4/29/1996)
should same sex couples be allowed to marry, 01/04/00: (514 bytes)
small town lgbt survey: (2.2K, 8/14/1995)
sodomy survey 1989: (6.4K, 12/2/1992)
vermont civil unions, 03/31/00: (1.1K)
vote mathew shepard time mag man of the year, 12/10/98: (1.6K)
wall st journal, 12/12/97: (1.2K)
www users survey, 03/22/98: (1.5K)
yankelovich data on glb consumers, 06/09/94: (2Kb)

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