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action alert trans inclusion in enda, 09/15/95: (13K)
another murder in boston, 11/21/95: (4.6K)
boston actions after murders, 12/22/95: (2Kb)
divas dish drag discrimination, 09/07/95: (2.6K)
empire strikes back, 11/19/95: (66K)
first ftm conf held, 08/18/95: (5.5K)
founding member of tops comes out, 09/22/95: (3.7K)
gay ftm networking newsletter, 08/26/95: (4.5K)
gender lobbying day and hunter demo, 10/04/95: (3.9K)
genderqueer charged with rape for consensual sex, 10/95: (2.4K, 10/30/1995)
good tranny guide, 03/01/95: (15K)
good tranny guide, 04/01/95: (19K)
hrcf and trans activists to work together, 09/18/95: (2Kb)
imperial queens and kings, 12/21/95: (3.3K)
imperial queens old version, 12/21/95: (3.3K)
more on deborah forte murder, 09/12/95: (1.5K)
most postops are happy, 02/27/95: (1.1K)
national gender lobbying day, 10/02/95: (3.4K)
new email contact transfags, 08/27/95: (383 bytes)
pa dpw denies medicaid to tgs and ts, 11/08/95: (2.3K)
pa trans discrimination update, 11/10/95: (5.8K)
trans and faith radio special, 12/95: (2Kb, 10/24/1995)
trans counseling research center info, 04/17/95: (1.7K)
transexual basics, 03/22/95: (6.4K)
transexual position statement, 03/22/95: (3.2K)
transexual sues federal express, 11/09/95: (1.9K)
trans fags call for submissions, 08/23/95: (7.9K)
transgender protest at march on austin, 04/02/95: (3Kb)
trans service and support nz and oz, 03/95: (15K, 3/15/1995)
transsexualism from male pov, 07/16/95: (21K)
ts graduation speaker vetoed, 04/09/95: (1.8K)
tyra hunter case reopened, 12/04/95: (5.4K)
violence study nears launch, 10/09/95: (1.9K)

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