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age of consent 18 not 16: (5.8K, 3/10/1994)
age of consent vote protested, 02/22/94: (5.2K)
amendment to equalise age of consent passes, 06/23/98: (2.7K)
archbishop carey to be summonsed as defense witness, 04/26/98: (2.6K)
bolton7 convicted and sentenced, 02/21/98: (3.8K)
bolton7 convicted but not jailed, 02/22/98: (3.5K)
bournemouth church is target of bomb threat, 05/28/98: (2.4K)
call for letters of support for bolton seven, 01/24/98: (1.7K)
candlelit westminster protest against antiquated antigay laws, 02/24/98: (1.3K)
cardinal hume calls for tolerance of gay love, 03/09/95: (4.5K)
equality alliance launched, 04/06/98: (3.5K)
equality standing forum, 03/18/98: (4.2K)
european court says antigay discrimination legal, 02/18/98: (3.6K)
european region conf, 10/97: (6Kb, 8/10/1997)
freedom fair, 02/22/98: (2.6K)
freedom fair at covent garden, 04/97: (2.3K, 6/4/1997)
freedom fair businesses, 03/07/97: (3.3K)
freedom fair travel workshop, 03/97: (3.9K, 6/8/1997)
freedom fair update, 03/07/98: (6.4K)
gay business association marketing seminar, 10/16/98: (1.6K)
gay group disrupts easter services, 04/28/98: ()
gay protest at canterbury cathedral easter sunday, 04/12/98: (3.2K)
gay protest at nazi gold conference, 12/02/97: (2.2K)
gay radio london, 08/28/95: (731 bytes)
gay to z year planner, 03/01/99: (4.5K)
german embassy pursues redress for gay holocaust victims, 02/05/98: (2.7K)
IGLYO annual general meeting info, 11/28/97: (3.5K)
london annual travel and leisure show, 02/28/99: (1.5K)
london pride march, 06/24/98: (1Kb)
london pride march to go ahead as planned, 06/26/98: (3.9K)
major gay rights groups unite for equality campaign, 03/10/98: (3.8K)
meeting to plan campaign for equality standing forum, 03/31/98: (5.6K)
minister supports outrage proposed antigay law reforms, 03/15/98: (1.7K)
mp voting record on age of consent: (27K, 3/17/1994)
muslim fundamentalists threaten to kill gay activits, 03/21/98: (3.2K)
national aids trust, 03/09/98: (3.9K)
outrage amendments to human rights bill, 03/28/98: (4.9K)
outrage appeal to help save the bolton7, 01/16/98: (3.6K)
outrage demo demands gay share of nazi gold, 12/01/97: (2.7K)
penis size and british condoms: (1Kb, 5/23/1994)
pride contacts from gay to z directory, 04/26/98: (1.3K)
princess diana national aids trust, 09/02/97: (4.9K)
sex offenders bill letter to home secy, 02/15/97: (6.8K)
sex offenders bill u n letters, 03/23/97: (10K)
updates to outrage web site, 03/05/98: (4.1K)
wife of pm representing lesbian couple, 07/02/97: (2.7K)

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