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attorney general files brief against issue 3: (1.2K, 7/8/1994)
author artist mark chester announces tour, 01/29/98: (4.4K)
cammermeyer at osu gays in mil: (1.3K, 11/7/1994)
cincinatti: (2.9K, 12/2/1992)
cincinatti news, 03/10/95: (4.9K)
cincinnati council vote reverses ordinance, 03/13/95: (2.5K)
cleveland antigay commentaries, 05/30/00: (2.4K)
cleveland gender questioning teen suicide, 03/28/99: (2.5K)
cleveland rights referendum: (3.3K, 2/1/1994)
columbus abc affiliate may pull ellen, 03/24/98: (1.8K)
columbus woman wins stonewall award, 06/96: (1.7K, 7/20/1996)
dayton gay center harassed call for help, 06/03/97: (3.3K)
gay youth educator job open, 01/17/97: (2.6K)
issue3 as on ballot: (1.8K, 5/30/1994)
issue3 ruled unconstitutional, 08/10/94: (3.3K)
kasich rumors, 09/25/96: (6.6K)
kenneth sherril bibliography in issue3 case: (18K, 7/4/1994)
list of queer businesses, 01/18/95: (5.7K)
NGLTF condemns cincinnati anti gay ruling, 10/23/97: (2.7K)
NGLTF statement on supreme court ruling, 10/13/98: (3.3K)
ohio news: (3.8K, 1/16/1994)
open letter to antigay marriage bill sponsor, 01/26/00: (7Kb)
osu lima biglobal: (344 bytes, 3/27/1997)
replies to critics of civil disobedience, 06/06/00: (5.4K)
stonewall cincinnati seeks executive director, 07/96: (2.5K, 7/30/1996)
supremes reverse issue 3 ruling, 06/17/96: (7.4K)
text of issue 3 and queries: (3.8K, 6/4/1994)
two conventions lost for cincinnati: (2.3K, 2/15/1994)
univ director gender sexuality job, 05/04/97: (2.5K)

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