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The Queer Resources Directory has one of the most extensive collection of materials devoted to queer legal issues on the Internet.

Most of the information is either in the /qrd/world/legal/ or /qrd/usa/legal/ directories

The document you are reading now will be kept in the QRD at http://www.qrd.org/qrd/www/legal/index.html

Lesbian/Gay Law Notes^

One of the great highlights of the QRD collection is due to the seminal work of Professor Arthur Leonard. He is the editor of Lesbian/Gay Law Notes, a monthly summary of the cases important to gay/lesbian and AIDS/HIV jurisprudence. The QRD has an archive of the Law Notes dating from the current issue back to January 1994.

AIDS Legal Bibliography^

Another great ersource the QRD has is a copy of an AIDS Legal Bibliography compiled by Professor Arthur Leonard which contains a listing of every major law review article published about HIV/AIDS and the law since the early 1980s to the present.

Annual Case Tables^

Each year (a student of) Professor Leonard compiles a list of the cases he has cited in Lesbian/Gay Law Notes during the year. This is a pretty good listing of the important legal cases of the year dealing with queer and AIDS issues. We have an archive of case tables beginning with 1992:

Famous Case Archive^

Here is just a partial list of the famous cases archived at the QRD.

Sodomy Case Archive^

U.S. Military Cases^

Statewide Gay Rights Laws^

Queer Immigration Issues^

Issues related to immigration and its effect on gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender individuals are explored at the QRD's Queer Immigration web site

Same-Sex Marriage Issues^

There are a number of web sites devoted to keeping people up to date with the latest happenings on the issue of marriage rights for same-gender couples, but the definitive site is run by the National Freedom To Marry Coalition. In addition there is Rod Swift's Same Sex Marriage Page.

International Legal Issues^

The QRD also has a site for information on international queer legal issues

National Journal of Sexual Orientation Law^

There is an electronic legal journal devoted to sexual orientation and the law, called the National Journal Of Sexual Orientation Law. The latest issue is now available. The NJSOL has a website at http://sunsite.unc.edu/gaylaw/

QueerLaw and QueerLaw-Digest">^

There is a mailing list devoted to discussion of sexual orientation and the law called QueerLaw with over 700 subscribers from all over the world.

Interesting Lists^

Other Queer Legal Websites^


There are a number of organizations on the web which also work on queer legal issues There are archives of material for many others in the Organizations directory of the QRD.


An interesting event related to queer legal issues was the Sex Law Society Conference at John Marshall Law School March 14-16 1996, an interdisciplinary conference on the tenth anniversary of Bowers V Hardwick.
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