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add magnus: (77 bytes, 3/29/1998)
australia same sex relationship bill, 10/04/98: (13K)
cbc arbitration case: (30K, 3/2/1995)
egan v canada: (242K, 5/26/1995)
impact of u s ratification of iccpr, 03/27/98: (32K)
international gay legal resource directory: (1.5K, 7/11/1995)
lesbian adoption: (90K, 6/3/1995)
magnus hirschfeld centre info: (7.6K, 3/29/1998)
ncgle v south africa: (83K, 5/18/1998)
ontario human rights commission pride day, 10/29/97: (75K)
queerlaw citations: (7.3K, 3/9/1995)
sm database, nla lip, 05/28/97: (6.1K)
state v gordon kumpher: (94K, 8/6/1997)
summary of egan v canada: (26K, 6/16/1995)
youth sodomy law ruling: (27K, 9/16/1995)

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