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[lgln] Lesbian/Gay Law Notes
[njsol] National Journal of Sexual Orientation Law
aids bibliography 98: (288K, 6/20/1998)
ATA v San Francisco, 04/10/98: (163K)
baker v nelson, 10/15/71: (11K)
bowers v hardwick: (83K, 2/9/1993)
bragdon v abbott: (86K, 8/14/1998)
england v city of dallas: (13K, 1/23/1994)
executive order compilation: (1.3K, 4/23/1996)
gays and criminal law england and wales paper: (3.2K, 3/14/1995)
georgetown journal of gender and law, 07/18/00: (3.9K)
impact of ratified civil and political rights treaty, 03/27/98: (32K)
jegley v picado: (97K, 7/16/2002)
loving v virginia, 06/12/67: (25K)
[new jersey]
notes on bowers v hardwick: (16K, 10/10/1995)
presidential proclamation calls for ENDA passage, 05/01/99: (5.7K)
[rhode island]
singer v hara, 05/20/74: (46K)
southworth v grebe: (73K, 8/14/1998)
texas v morales: (66K, 1/23/1994)
zablocki v redhail, 01/18/78: (94K)

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