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analysis of ny adoption decision, 11/15/95: (29K)
bibliography of queer legal articles, 08/14/95: (12K)
deb batts info, 01/13/95: (420 bytes)
hunter v erickson txt, 03/24/95: (28K)
hurley v irish american lgb group of boston, 06/20/95: (52K)
law and sexuality cites, 03/08/95: (2Kb)
lesbianism feminism and the law, 04/24/95: (1.1K)
[new york, 10/09/95]
romer v evans arguments transcript, 11/09/95: (63K)
same sex marriage case citations, 01/23/95: (2.1K)
sidley and austin boycott perspective, 10/03/95: (6.9K)
us immigration policy, 03/22/95: (1.6K)