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able v united states, 01/03/95: (14K)
able v usa, 03/30/95: (46K)
able v usa, 07/01/96: (92K)
able v usa, 07/02/97: (60K)
able v usa commentary, 04/94: (8.7K, 4/20/1994)
cammermeyer v aspin: (84K, 2/22/1995)
doe v aspin: (18K, 7/29/1993)
elzie v aspin: (3.8K, 12/14/1993)
evidence mounts against military in mcveigh case, 01/25/98: (4.6K)
HRC applauds bill decriminalizing consensual sex, 06/17/97: (2.2K)
meinhold v dod appeal: (41K, 9/11/1994)
meinhold v DOD: (11K, 2/8/1993)
Meinhold v DOD: (11K, 2/8/1993)
mel dahl v navy: (84K, 9/9/1993)
military ban codification: (10K, 9/30/1993)
NGLTF calls for repeal of dont ask dont tell, 01/28/98: (3.1K)
selland v aspin: (19K, 10/19/1993)
steffan v aspin: (49K, 11/20/1993)
steffan v perry: (184K, 11/29/1994)

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