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another fundie lie exposed: (2.6K, 3/16/1994)
another gaybasher defeated in GOP primary, 09/09/98: (2.6K)
congressman neumann says he wont hire gays, 06/03/97: (3.3K)
congresswoman baldwins first lgbt interview, 01/18/99: (1.1K)
editor fired over gay stories: (1.7K, 10/29/1993)
editorial on wisconsin log cabin club, 02/04/95: (3.1K)
federal legislators WI: (3.4K, 6/6/1993)
forums on improving education, 01/96: (4.4K, 1/17/1996)
homophobic uwm prof scapegoats gays: (9.6K, 1/20/1995)
kohl outing info, 09/25/96: (2.5K)
lawrence univ conf: (4.3K, 12/23/1993)
milwaukee police homophobia leads to savage beating, 08/10/00: (7Kb)
more on kohl, 09/25/96: (605 bytes)
more on mugabe visit, 10/25/95: (14K)
mugabe to visit milwaukee, 10/25/95: (864 bytes)
national gay owned internet service available in DC, 10/19/98: (2.5K)
out and about, 04/96: (18K, 4/2/1996)
univ wisc glb resources: (762 bytes, 6/17/1995)
uwglb announcement, 02/07/94: (1.4K)
wisconsin at war WFV 04 07 94: (2.2K, 4/19/1994)
wisconsin light newspaper folds, 04/07/00: (7.6K)
wisconsin senator herb kohl: (1.1K, 1/3/1994)

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