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gays attacked at philpot hearings, 08/19/97: (4.8K)
lexington life story of 1950s transgendered male, 02/17/97: (6.2K)
lexington walmart fires lesbian, 02/17/97: (930 bytes)
louisville council to consider civil rights law, 09/09/97: (857 bytes)
louisville editor responds to criticism, 07/16/97: (7.3K)
louisville gay rights bill defeated, 09/10/97: (5.4K)
louisville MCC congregation purchases property, 06/22/97: (2.5K)
louisville overcoming our biases, 04/17/97: (1.2K)
louisville presbyterian headquarters picketed, 03/21/97: (1.8K)
scientists blast frank simon statements, 03/04/97: (2Kb)
testimony against anti same sex marriage legislation, 08/24/97: (20K)
the letter, 03/97: (9.2K, 3/27/1997)
the letter masthead to reflect inclusiveness, 09/23/97: (694 bytes)
the letter sold to louisville corporation, 06/29/97: (1Kb)
the letter standing up to bigotry, 04/24/97: (3.1K)

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