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abc removes ellen advisory warning, 10/16/97: (8.1K)
alabama station to air ellen coming out rerun, 09/05/97: (4Kb)
announces gay history month theme, 08/07/97: (4.5K)
announces winner of gay history month essay contest, 09/29/97: (4.4K)
bono glaad ellen out parties, 04/30/97: (11K)
breaks ground by impacting final edit of jackal scene, 11/10/97: (4.4K)
call for continued support, 08/15/97: (7.7K)
calls for entries in history month essay contest, 08/19/97: (4.1K)
calls for media awards entries, 11/12/97: (3.3K)
calls for positive votes in abc ellen poll, 10/13/97: (4.3K)
cartoon strip faces anti gay boycott, 08/18/97: (4.8K)
cautiously optimistic after internet summit, 12/03/97: (5.4K)
celebrity golf scramble, 09/97: (2.9K, 8/10/1997)
chrysler returns as ellen sponsor, 10/02/97: (4.2K)
cohosts living timeline panel for gay history month, 10/09/97: (3.6K)
commends pintauro coming out, 07/05/97: (3.5K)
conf to condemn mcdonalds exclusion of gay families, 07/09/97: (3.1K)
congratulates ellen on emmy win, 09/15/97: (4.4K)
cosponsors twilight of the golds previews, 10/07/97: (3.6K)
day of compassion, 06/09/97: (4.7K)
day of compassion multimedia press conference, 06/17/97: (3.4K)
denounces editing of ellen episode, 10/29/97: (4.4K)
denounces return of ellen advisory, 10/27/97: (4.3K)
ellens hands too hot to handle, 11/12/97: (3.6K)
freedom to marry action suggestions, 10/30/97: (3.8K)
honors mathilde krim and showtime chairman with annual fairness award, 10/15/97: (5Kb)
hosts coctail party to promote membership, 10/22/97: (2.5K)
hosts former CNN reporter at virtual town meeting, 10/15/97: (3.6K)
in and out hailed for antidiscrimination message, 09/17/97: (4.8K)
internet filtering software report, 12/02/97: (4.5K)
internships available, 08/06/97: (7.3K)
issues anti violence program statement, 07/23/97: (2.2K)
joins bi activist for virtual town meeting, 10/08/97: (2.4K)
media resource for andrew cunanan reporting, 07/17/97: (6.3K)
needs gay youth testimonials, 07/30/97: (2.1K)
online discussion of cunanan coverage, 08/27/97: (1.7K)
partnership with web business directory, 11/05/97: (2.8K)
praises court decision preserving free speech, 06/26/97: (3.9K)
praises ellen for positive representation of children of gays, 11/19/97: (4.3K)
response to baptist boycott of disney, 06/18/97: (9.5K)
says ellen advisory double standard, 10/09/97: (3.9K)
search for executive director, 02/28/97: (5.5K)
seeking names of newspapers dropping gay cartoon, 08/21/97: (1.9K)
statement concerning the jackal, 06/13/97: (1.5K)
to assume former hollywood supports programs, 09/16/97: (4.5K)
to receive wild oats community market donation, 10/09/97: (2.9K)
tv season lineup hits new record for out characters, 08/13/97: (4.2K)
urges fbi cooperation with community to capture cunanan, 07/16/97: (9.2K)
virtual town meeting kicks off gay history month, 09/17/97: (3.5K)
welcomes new board cochairs, 11/25/97: (4.1K)
will list ellen sponsors during new season, 09/25/97: (1.8K)
will new star trek character be lesbian, 09/05/97: (6.7K)
world AIDS day, 11/27/97: (6.4K)

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