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baehr case on showtime, 06/11/99: (2Kb)
call your PBS affiliate and urge them to air gay education show, 04/19/99: (11K)
cheap tv broadcast change, 09/04/99: (1.4K)
childrens animated television, 12/02/99: (1.2K)
documentary on lgbt families looking for a few good kids, 04/23/99: (866 bytes)
electric city celebrates 20 years of queer television, 07/31/99: (1.4K)
famous fugitive auditioned for gay sitcom, 08/30/99: (1.7K)
gay fraternity special to air on pbs, 09/15/99: (2.3K)
GLAAD and GLSEN praise dawsons creek, 02/18/99: (6.1K)
GLAAD announces nominees for annual media awards, 01/20/99: (8.4K)
GLAAD fox files update, 02/26/99: (14K)
hate crimes task force solicits ad information, 09/01/99: (749 bytes)
log cabin discussion on hardball, 05/13/99: (743 bytes)
mom educates homophobic teens in television special, 03/08/99: (1.3K)
special online alert fox files, 01/21/99: (2.4K)
tafel debates bob smith on hardball, 06/10/99: (698 bytes)
tafel party crasher to appear on cspan, 06/21/99: (801 bytes)
victims of antilesbian attacks sought for documentary, 01/19/99: (1.7K)

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