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center goes online with digital queers, 04/02/94: (3.6K)
changed list queer studies now QSTUDY, l, 07/27/94: (1.1K)
digital chicken, 02/22/94: (23K)
dp list faq, 01/94: (30K, 1/5/1994)
gay computer pioneer honored, 12/16/94: (1.8K)
glaids bbs, 02/24/94: (2Kb)
information and referral database, 09/22/94: (2.9K)
inter network guide, 03/15/94: (25K)
lesbian internet resources, 12/30/94: (4.2K)
new mailing list midwest queers, 06/21/94: (2.9K)
new mailing lists queer debate debate digest, 07/15/94: (2.1K)
new mailing list systers out, 07/26/94: (3.3K)
online queer studies conference, 02/18/94: (1.9K)