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age of consent and sodomy laws, 12/13/94: (7.7K)
aids legal bibliography: (288K, 6/20/1998)
alberta same sex dp case: (76K, 4/20/1994)
alternative sexualities sci fi booklist, 05/06/95: (40K)
alyson publications book list, 01/04/96: (68K)
antigay initiatives update: (8.7K, 6/10/1994)
bill clinton cabinet contacts, 02/01/93: (3.1K)
bisexual faq, 01/94: (30K, 1/24/1994)
black lgbt history list: (38K, 1/16/1995)
black queer booklist, 04/24/95: (65K)
brc: (3.9K, 11/2/1997)
brl: (111K, 6/10/1997)
calendar of lgbt saints: (102K, 11/15/1994)
california domestic partners bill: (35K, 2/21/1994)
canada fax parliament list: (13K, 5/19/1994)
canadian same sex benefits article: (113K, 8/4/1994)
colleges with glb studies programs, 09/29/94: (7.8K)
congress 103, 06/07/93: (162K)
congress 104, 02/07/95: (56K)
danish registered partnership act: (6.5K, 1/16/1995)
defense of marriage act, 05/08/96: (2.1K)
dp benefits orgs list: (18K, 10/22/1994)
england v city of dallas: (13K, 1/23/1994)
euro parliament lgb report: (23K, 12/21/1993)
european age of consent laws: (3.1K, 12/21/1994)
gao report on federal marriage benefits, 01/31/97: (141K)
gay medieval history, 01/18/94: (76K)
gay music guide: (58K, 4/18/1995)
gay rights bill sponsors list: (3Kb, 8/17/1997)
glb elected officials: (6.9K, 8/4/1993)
glbo films list: (181K, 12/22/1997)
glbo tv characters list, 05/05/95: (31K)
hawaii same sex marriage ruling, 05/05/93: (123K)
[hawaii same sex marriage update]
history of homosexuality, 01/18/94: (106K)
judge stephen breyer gay cases, 05/15/94: (2.5K)
lgb employee group contacts: (8.3K, 5/29/1999)
lgb orgs email contacts: (22K, 7/2/2002)
lgbt list of lists: (8.5K, 7/14/1995)
media directory 94: (22K, 12/24/1993)
media email contact list: (47K, 3/8/1996)
multicultural international glb booklist: (57K, 6/30/1995)
national lgb orgs phone list: (2Kb, 11/22/1993)
nazi history: (38K, 11/8/1994)
new england college contact list, 03/95: (9.7K, 4/18/1995)
NGLTF staff email contacts: (1.8K, 5/12/1994)
non hiv symptoms of aids: (39K, 8/17/1997)
north american glb resources: (141K, 3/14/2000)
north carolina hate crimes report: (122K, 6/16/1994)
norwegian same sex partnership law: (8Kb, 5/12/1994)
not just bibles: (, 1/1/1970)
ny area gay and lesbian bar list: (18K, 6/21/1995)
ontario equal families act: (34K, 6/3/1994)
ontario mpp contact list: (13K, 5/19/1994)
organizations for women: (53K, 11/30/1993)
orgs fighting the right: (2.1K, 2/1/1994)
orgs with domestic partner benefits: (10K, 10/31/1993)
pride dates 97: (5.3K, 3/28/1997)
QRD faq, 01/94: (23K, 5/3/1997)
queer amnesty international report: (92K, 2/11/1994)
queer bbs list: (4.1K, 8/6/1999)
queer birthday list, 05/29/94: (1.3K)
queer press list, 11/02/93: (14K)
sexual orientation nondiscrimination list: (48K, 6/4/2000)
sodomy laws: (7.3K, 7/10/1997)
state of the united states report 95: (67K, 7/25/1995)
stonewall25 schedule of events: (59K, 6/3/1994)
swedish registered partnership law: (4.6K, 5/5/1994)
texas v morales: (66K, 1/23/1994)
the motss video list: (46K, 4/15/1995)
the OUT list: (38K, 10/12/1995)
us congress email addresses, 07/07/95: (14K)
us daily newspaper contacts, 04/30/95: (373K)
us house contact list 02 07 95: (46K, 2/22/1995)
us national fax directory, 01/14/94: (21K)
us senate contact list, 02/01/95: (10K)
wilson veto message of partners bill, 09/12/94: (3.3K)

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