The Athens Gay Pride 1996

Gays and lesbians in Athens celebrated the International Gay Pride Day with two Pride Parties.

The first one was staged at the towntown athens club "Booze" (59 Kolokotroni Str.) on Thursday 26th June 1996, organized by the "CyberDykes".

Another Gay Pride Celebration took place in the downtown Athens Park "Pedion Tou Areos" on Saturday June 29th, 1996. The Pride was co-organized by EOK, AKOE/Amphi magazine, Gregory Vallianatos and To Kraximo magazine.

(Another Pride Party was held in Thessaloniki. See the page "Groups in Thessaloniki")

Here is a photo gallery of the Pride Party at "Pedion Tou Areos" Park.

Some pics from the same Party have also been published in Visibilities.

Here is another page concerning the Athens Pride '96.

This page was last updated: July 30th, 1996.

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