META and CyberDykes

Unlike the rest of the groups presented in Roz Mov, that appear to be predominantly devoted to gay and lesbian activism, the META and CyberDykes are exclusively dedicated to partying!

META is an acronym for "Must Eternity Tough Alternative"; an english name for an athenian gang of dykes, who, about a year or so ago, were handing out flyers to the other dykes in the downtown Athens lesbian bars, inviting them to their parties.
And, there, their women only parties had been a great success attracting lots of dykes.

"CyberDykes" are the gang that is currently making noise at the lesbian club scene, organizing another round of parties, in "Lizard" club, starting on Saturday March 9th, 1996.

Their press release, calls for women only nights, with women D.J.s spinning altrnative/indies/gabba/happy hardcore, the dress code favoring leather, military outfit ang drag kings!

Now the date for a "CyberDykes" party is set for each and every Saturday night at Lizard.

If you want to find out more about the "CyberDykes", about their parties and about what they are planning next, you can email "".

See also: The CyberDykes' press release for the last lesbian party in Athens for summer 1998, with info about planned events in Eressos-Lesbos for summer 1998.

Special thanks to Maria, Irene, Eleni, Eva and the girls from Thessaloniki, for the information they provided for this page.

This page was last modified: June 22nd, 1998.

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