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The following directory was compiled combining the information on gay clubs included in the "Athenorama" and the "Exodos" magazines, issues 1095 (Oct. 3-9, 1997) and 66 (Sep. 19-25, 1997) respectively.

"Athenorama" and "Exodos", the two outdoors-entertainment-and-nightlife weekly pocket guides, are the athenian equivalents of London's "Time Out" and Paris's "Pariscope". "Athenorama"'s english-language version is called "AthensScope".

Notice: Some of the Athenian clubs bars and cafes close down during mid-summer.

The following list of lesbian bars in Athens, was compiled for Roz Mov, by the Women of the EOK in January 1996 and it was updated with the help of a couple of friends of RozMov on October 5th 1996.

LIZARD (disco - bar) 31 Apostolou Pavlou, Thission Sq. Tel. 34 68 670. Closed on mondays and tuesdays, very good music, sunday nights the place is crowded.

KIRKI (traditional coffee shop, snacks are served) 31 Apostolou Pavlou, Thission Sq. (under Lizard bar). A nice view of Acropolis.

ODYSSIA (Bar, greek music) 116 Ermou str. Thission, Tel. 32 51 671. Closed on Tuesdays and crowded with lesbians on saturdays.

MEXICO (Bar, greek music) 249 Thisseos Ave. and 5 Malachia Str. Kallithea. Tel. 95 100 75. For lesbians who love greek music (Closed down at the moment)

PORTA (Bar, the newest of all, opened by the (ex-)proprietors of MEXICO) 10 Falirou Str. Makrygianni.

Gay Cruising: (info based on articles from "To Kraximo" magazine, issue 12, winter 1992, and "Amphi" magazine, issue 1, period D', June 1994).

Gay Beaches:

See also: RozMov's Guides' page.

Quest: If you know of other gay or lesbian meeting places, in Athens, and more importantly in the rest of Greece, then, please email me.

This page was last modified: Dec. 5th, 1997.

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