The Greek (Hellenic) Homosexual Community

EOK has been Greece's first official gay group, founded in May 1988, by members of the first gay movement in Greece, AKOE. After the closedown of AKOE in early 1989, EOK tried to continue the struggle for gay rights.
Being a member of ILGA from the begining of its existance, EOK, managed to successfuly organize the European Conference in December 1989. (Here is an article about the conference in Athens)
EOK has been a member group of the National Committee Against Racism Xenophobia Antisemitism and Intolerance as well as a founding member of the Committee's succeeding organization the "Forum of Youth Organizations for Human Rights" (a newly founded association (Jul.14.1997), under the support of the "General Secretariat of Youth" ("Geniki Grammateia Neas Genias", the governmental organization for youth) and the Council of Europe).
The group is also a member of IGLYO (International Gay and Lesbian Youth Organization).

In May 1997, EOK jointly with P. Sofianos, the Act Up, and with the support of the Council of Europe, launched a new gay magazine named "Deon".
In early 1997, EOK also launched a web site, named "Roza Lilac", where -among other stuff- you can find infos about the group, about the status of homosexuality in Greece, infos for gay/lesbian travellers to Greece, a personal ads page, etc. For the time beeing (Dec. 5th 1997) everything is in greek, but an english laguage version is planned. "Rosa Lilac" is connected with the "Nyx" network, the first "gay friendly" internet provider in Greece.

EOK's offices' address is: 31 Apostolou Pavlou Str., at Thission area, just above "Kirki" and "Lizard" (up the marble and iron staircase). You can contact the group, to find out which days and hours the offices remain open.

For further information:
Offices and postal address:
31 Apostolou Pavlou Str.,
Thission, Athens, Greece.
tel.:+30 1 3410755
fax:+30 1 8836942
Web site: Roza Lilac
email: eok@nyx.gr

Disclaimer: The information presented in this page is unofficial. I do not represent the EOK here or anywhere.
See also: Leaflets issued by EOK.

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