The Hellenic Homosexual Liberation Movement

AKOE is an acronym for "Apeleftherotiko Kinima Omofilofilon Elladas" or "Greek Homosexual Libaration Movement".
In early 1992, some members of the EOK, together with some members of the then defunct group AKOE, joined forces to found the contemporary AKOE.

Originally founded back in 1978, the former AKOE had been the first gay group in Greece, and very active at its time. AKOE's publication, the "Amphi" magazine, has been one of the best gay publications of its time in Europe. Amphi followed the decline of AKOE which was eventually closed down in 1989.

It was only with the reformation of AKOE that the magazine was revived. In June 1994 after a three years' absence, the 1st issue of the 4th period (each period marked by a different publisher) of "Amphi" was put out and destributed all over Greece. The latest (second) issue came out in June 1996. For ordering the magazine, or for sending your personal ads and contributions, write to: P.O.Box:4165 G.R.10210 Athens Greece. Altrnatively email them at: ulman@hol.gr

In 1997 AKOE launched a travel guide, the "Lesbian Gay City Guide". It contains information about Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos and Lesbos, in English, German and Greek. You can find it from selected newsagends in the major greek cities at 2200drs (6USD$) or directly from the publisher at a reduced price.

Here is another page concerning AKOE and Amphi. And here is its mirror site.

Disclaimer: The information about AKOE presented in this page is unofficial. I do not represent the AKOE here or anywhere.

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