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"Amphi" "Amphi" has been the first gay and lesbian magazine in Greece, put out by the first gay group in Greece, the AKOE.
With the decay of the movement, after the closure of its offices in 1989, the publication of the magazine was suspended.
It was only with the reformarion of AKOE in 1992, that the magazine was revived. It is now being put out irregularly. The latest issue was put out in June 1996.
The address for Amphi&AKOE is:
P.O. Box:4165, G.R.:10210, Athens, Greece.
Here is another page concerning AKOE&Amphi. And here is its mirror site.
For back issues pay a visit to the magazines section of the National Library, 32 Panepistimiou Avenue, Athens center. (Rather old issues but very interesting, dating back to the magazine's heyday (1978-1986)).
Archive of selected articles from "Amphi":
Interview with a greek lesbian, Amphi, issue 16-17 Period B' Spring-Summer 1984.
About Lesbian Self-Consciousness, Amphi, issue 4, New Period (C'), 1991.
February 8th, The European Parliament adopts a Resolution on equal rights for homosexuals, Amphi, issue 1, Period D', June 1994.
Lobbying for the Inclusion of a "Sexual Orientation" Antidiscrimination Clause in the Greek Constitution, Amphi, issue 2, period D', June-July 1996.

"Deon" This new monthly gay magazine debuted on May 9th, 1997. Co-published by P. Sofianos, the EOK, and the Act Up, with the support of the Council of Europe. It's free, from selected shops in Greece and Cyprus. "Deon Interactive" is the magazine's web site, where a selection of articles, personal ads, etc, are available. The magazine's address is (same as EOK's):
31 Apostolou Pavlou Street,
Thisseon, Athens, Greece.
tel&fax: +30 1 3410755

"Madam Gou" A new quarterly lesbian funzine.
Debuted in November 1995, and as of April 1997, four issues had been put out.
("Madam Gou", in the
greek gay argot, the "kaliarda", means lesbian)
You can find "Madam Gou" in Athens, at several alternative bookstores, such as "Solaris" 6 Mbotassi Str., and "Parapende" 52 Ippokratous Str.
In Thessaloniki you can find it at the "Lotos" recordshop/bookstore, 7 Skra Str.
In Crete, you can find it in Iraklion, at the "To Fotodendro" bookstore, 5 Zografou Str. (ask the man at the counter).
"Madam Gou" welcomes your contributions, submissions, suggestions and comments at:
P.O. Box:31162, G.R.:10035, Athens, Greece, or
at email:
Archive of selected articles from "Madam Gou":
A Greek Language Lesbian Bibliography, Madam Gou, issue 1, Fall 1995.
A review of a dissertation on "The Summer Communities at Eressos-Lesvos", Madam Gou, issue 2, March 1996.
Lesbian Films that Have Been Screened in Greece, Madam Gou, issue 2, March 1996.

"O Pothos" The publication of the group "OPOTH" in Thessaloniki. Debuted in July 1990, and published its last issue as a magazine in 1995 (issue number 9, spring-summer 1995). Its first issue as a newspaper circulated in April 1996 (free).
From issue number 12 (May 1997) on, "O Pothos" has its own web site, where you can also find additional info about gay life in Thessaloniki.
You can find "O Pothos" in Thessaloniki at several bookshops and news-stands (such as the "Lotos" recordshop/bookstore, 7 Skra Str).
In Crete, you can find it in Iraklion, at the "To Fotodendro" bookstore, 5 Zografou Str. (ask the man at the counter).
Back issues are available from the OPOTH. For a list of the contents of the past issues see the back issues' page of "O Pothos" web-site. Available from that page are some articles from back issues, as well.
For more information, submissions, contributions, personal ads, etc, write to the OPOTH, P.O. Box:10839, G.R.:54110, Thessaloniki, (please, omit the name OPOTH if sending big packages), or visit "O Pothos" web-site.
Archive of selected articles from "O Pothos":
The Greek Political Parties on Homosexuality, O Pothos (magazine), issue 7, winter 1993-1994.
An Opinion Poll: What the Greeks of (Homo)sexuality, O Pothos (magazine), issue 9, spring-summer 1995.

"Romeo", "The Man's Magazine". Nothing obviously gay in the title and subtitle of this new monthly glossy illustrated magazine, but its contents are more than obviously gay! Unlike the rest of the magazines presented in this page, which are more or less publications of the gay communities, "Romeo" is a commercial magazine. Most of the ads it carries, are gay mens' "hot" telephone lines, while 80 per cent of its personal ads are by men seeking men.
Romeo's address is: 88, Ippokratous Street, G.R.:11472, Athens Greece.
tel.:3642911, 3642912, 3642913.

"To Kraximo" This exlusively gay male magazine, appears irregularly at the downtown Athens newsstands. It carries personal ads, and there is an one-page english language summary.
Its latest issue (number 11), announces the magazine's closure, and the launching of a new magazine by the same publisher, named "Omega".
For back issues call or write to the magazine:
"To Kraximo",
PO Box:4228 GR10210 Athens.
"To Kraximo Publications", is also putting out the annual "
Greek Gay Guide", a bilingual -english and greek- pocket guide to gay Greece and gay Cyprus, with special introductions in greek, english, french, deutsch and italian. You can find it at Omonoia Square kiosks, in downtown Athens. Alternatively write to the publisher for a copy.
Archive of selected articles from "To Kraximo":
The ILGA 1989 European Confrence in Athens: A report, To Kraximo, issue 10, 1990.

"Vitamin O" Bulletin put out monthly by the "
Cooperation Against Homophobia" in two versions: A paper four page version handed out free and an electronic one also free on the internet from Cooperation's web site. So, "Vitamin O", has become the first greek gay publication you can actually read on the web.

"Bananes" The publication of "A.M.O.TH.", made the shortest appearance of all now-deceased gay publications in Greece. Its debute issue has also been its last one. "A.M.O.TH." (Aftomomo Metopo Omofilofilon Thessalonikis (Liberation Front of Homosexuals of Thessaloniki)), the first gay group in Thessaloniki, was founded in 1979, put out "Bananes" in 1980 and shortly thereafter withered away.

The greek language magazine "Gay", made its first appearance in May 1988, just to close down after three issues.

Short lived was the "Lavrys" too, the lesbian and feminist magazine which also ceased publication after three issues (1982-1984).
Archive of selected articles from the "Lavrys":
Interview with a Greek Lesbian, Lavrys, issue 1, 1982.
Lesbian Studies in Lesbos, Lavrys, issue 1, 1982.
Lesbian Studies in Lesbos: A Second Opinion on the Same Subject, Lavrys, issue 1, 1982.
Lesbos, Summer 1984, Lavrys, issue 3.

You can find a few foreign gay and lesbian publications at downtown foreign press newsstands and international bookstores. Even fewer, such as the Advocate and the Diva (do not mistake other namesake mags for this english lesbian bimonthly), make it outside big cities, to the tourist-areas newsagents, during the summer.

Mainstream magazines, often have articles on gay lifestyle. Keep an eye open when browsing at the newsstands.
A selection of articles from the greek press concerning gays and lesbians.

See also: "Pustrix", an 8 page special publication of OPOTH, inset in "O Pothos" summer 1997 issue. It contains original passages from the very first gay and lesbian publications in Greece, press clippings from those times, plus text written by the people who were in the first line of the fight for gay/lesbian rights back in the 70's and 80's.

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