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adams v howerton: (29K, 8/23/1995)
american allowed to stay with uk lover, 02/96: (1.3K, 2/15/1996)
asylum for cuban in us: (3.7K, 4/26/1996)
au qi: (3Kb, 7/4/1995)
canada marriage case, 01/07/98: (5.7K)
canadian asylum cases in progress: (4.5K, 8/8/1995)
GLCSC assists with visa lottery, 02/27/96: (3.1K)
glitf nsw: (1.8K, 4/25/1995)
ilga immigration: (1Kb, 4/25/1995)
immigration contacts: (523 bytes, 4/25/1995)
LEGIT: (4.3K, 4/25/1995)
legit ottawa contact info: (213 bytes, 8/11/1995)
[LGIRTF] Lesbian and Gay Immigration Rights Task Force
presidential memo on refugee admission, 08/01/97: (2Kb)
russian lesbian appeals asylum ruling, 03/25/95: (5.3K)
russian wins us asylum, 05/23/96: (8.1K)
[SIG] Stonewall Immigration Group
stonewall immigration group: (85 bytes, 3/18/1995)
stonewall immigration group briefing paper: (96K, 2/8/1996)
toboso alfonso appeals decision, 3/12/90: (23K)
UK immigration policy recognizes same sex couples, 10/10/97: (3.9K)
us gay asylum policy, 01/23/95: (3.7K)

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