Queer Immigration Groups/Organizations

We have the following links to gay/lesbian organizations available at the moment:



United Kingdom

United States of America

International (Organizations dealing with more than one country)

Asylum Cases, Legal Rulings, and Current Law

Immigration Law Firms

Queer Immigration Mailing List

The mailing list exists to discuss topics of interest concerning gay immigration. It is administered by an automated mailing system. See the QI entry in listings of all queer mailing lists for more information and instructions on how to subscribe.

Submit New Information On Queer Immigration

Then please Email us at qi@qrd.org

Please note that we do not have any one person devoted to maintaining these pages any more so email to QI@qrd.org now goes directly to the Queer Immigration mailing list.

If YOU are interested in maintaining these pages, please email Ron Buckmire at ron@qrd.org.

To find out what's new in the queer immigration pages, check out the recent changes section.
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