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60 stabbings not murder, 06/25/95: (2.7K)
andreas carlgren comes out, 03/29/95: (2.4K)
board denies residency to gay iranian and algerian, 03/15/95: (2.4K)
calgren to come out on tv, 03/28/95: (1Kb)
chat lines stopped after gay murder, 02/25/95: (1.2K)
christian paper offended by gay marriage, 10/20/95: (1.3K)
church discrimination 03, 12/95: (1.4K, 3/23/1995)
demonstration at zimbabwe embassy, 10/19/95: (954 bytes)
film director comes out as bi, 01/12/95: (2.1K)
first couple registers partnership, 01/02/95: (1.5K)
gay hockey player murdered, 03/11/95: (2.1K)
gay philosopher rejected for school name 95: (1.4K, 6/2/1995)
has out andreas carlgren a political future, 03/30/95: (3.8K)
internatl sex crime case, 06/23/95: (3.9K)
media reaction to carlgren coming out, 03/30/95: (2.5K)
mp andreas carlgren coming out reaction, 03/29/95: (3.7K)
officiators refuse to marry gays, 01/20/95: (2.8K)
parliament to debate mugabes rhetoric, 10/25/95: (1.7K)
queer extra free partyguide, 02/24/95: (1Kb)
writer comes out, 06/95: (2.6K, 2/15/1997)

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