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audit reveals AIDS housing is a wreck, 02/24/99: (2.5K)
benefit performance of hedwig, 08/28/99: (3.4K)
binghamton queer conference, 04/99: (2.4K, 3/9/1999)
bronx family of transexual alleges police brutality, 01/21/99: (2.8K)
call for writers, 10/04/99: (3Kb)
gay groups give anti death penalty statement, 02/11/99: (3.2K)
gay newspaper joins HIV prevention campaign, 03/23/99: (4.5K)
giuliana to headline liberty for all conference, 03/19/99: (2.4K)
governor endorses gay mayoral candidate, 10/28/99: (710 bytes)
how we can end aids, 02/24/99: (4.8K)
lesbian gay film festival interns needed, 10/08/99: (1.9K)
leslie lohman art foundation lesbian art show, 09/13/99: (3.3K)
log cabin national leadership conference, 08/99: (2.7K, 6/7/1999)
mckinney gag order sets precedent, 11/16/99: (4.2K)
millennium march executive responds to LGNY article, 10/25/99: (2.4K)
NYC lacks monthly public std reports, 06/27/99: (2.8K)
plattsburgh 1st openly gay mayor in empire state, 11/03/99: (3.9K)
political funeral for billy jack gaither, 03/10/99: (2Kb)
queerwatch demands NGLTF end silence on death penalty, 02/10/99: (3.5K)
same sex marriage debate, 06/19/99: (2.8K)
sex panic flyer for billy jack gaither march, 03/15/99: (4Kb)

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