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pentagon report: (1.8K, 11/28/1991)
princeton board of trustees defies rotc vote: (1Kb, 11/21/1993)
princeton faculty votes to end rotc: (537 bytes, 11/6/1993)
princeton rotc contract: (8.1K, 9/24/1993)
rotc2: (1.5K, 23_Apr) new
rotc3: (1.5K, 11/27/1991)
rotc4: (1.3K, 11/27/1991)
rotc 91: (2.5K, 12/20/1991)
rotc csu: (1.9K, 23_Apr) new
rotc mit: (9.7K, 7/3/1992)
rotc nmsu: (10K, 4/12/1992)
rotc resources: (16K, 3/18/1992)

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