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answering brief of plaintiff appellee, 05/30/97: (101K)
brief 11 states, 04/23/97: (26K)
brief 11 states joined in by utah, 05/12/97: (2.1K)
brief 7 members hawaii house of representatives, 03/24/97: (32K)
brief aclu, 04/30/97: (17K)
brief activist groups, 05/19/97: (28K)
brief agudath israel of america, 05/05/97: (17K)
brief american friends service committee, 05/26/97: (21K)
brief brofenbrenner, 05/23/97: (25K)
brief catholic conf, 04/14/97: (33K)
brief christian legal society, 04/02/97: (30K)
brief coral ridge ministries, 05/07/97: (22K)
brief doctors of sociology, 06/02/97: (25K)
brief hawaiis future today, 03/16/97: (38K)
brief independent womens forum, 04/21/97: (24K)
brief japanese citizens league of honolulu, 06/02/97: (25K)
brief madison society, 05/12/97: (27K)
brief mormons, 04/14/97: (37K)
brief na mamo o hawaii, 05/13/97: (17K)
brief natl assn research and therapy of homosexuality, 03/24/97: (19K)
brief rutherford institute, 04/11/97: (36K)
briefs websites, 06/14/97: (2.5K)
docket supreme court, 05/14/97: (18K)
letter from project supporter, 06/08/97: (3.5K)
opening brief of defendant appellant, 04/29/97: (121K)
reply brief of defendant appellant, 06/16/97: (35K)
support documents project with donation, 06/08/97: (2.5K)
update, 10/31/97: (3.3K)

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