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Mel White and Focus on the Family's James Dobson
[FOF] Focus on the Family
full media kit: (10K, 7/11/1994)
mel white gets focus: (2.2K, 8/3/1994)
mel white media action kit: (10K, 8/3/1994)
mel whites fast: (4.1K, 8/3/1994)
press conference, 07/14/94: (1.8K)
suggested speech text: (5.8K, 7/11/1994)
text of remarks, 07/15/94: (2.2K)
text of rev white response to james dobson: (10K, 8/2/1994)
white2: (5.8K, 7/20/1994)
white3: (4.7K, 7/21/1994)
white4: (6.8K, 7/21/1994)
white5: (3.9K, 7/21/1994)

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