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1500 march on oakland police department, 11/13/99: (3.8K)
45 states gather for political federation meeting, 07/27/99: (7.5K)
action with capital a, 03/08/99: (5.3K)
airlines offer benefits for samesex couples, 08/10/99: (4.6K)
apuzzo resigns to join policy institute, 06/14/99: (6.3K)
back to school for glbtq youth, 09/01/99: (5.7K)
body politic workout featured at creating change, 10/14/99: (4.6K)
bradley announces opposition to knight initiative, 09/16/99: (5.7K)
CA leads states in pro lgbt measures, 10/01/99: (6.6K)
calls for dialogue with exxon mobil, 12/07/99: (4.5K)
calls for investigation into death of army pfc, 07/09/99: (3.2K)
calls for passage of CA AB222, 06/03/99: (4.3K)
coalition building fuels change, 11/01/99: (5.8K)
commemorating world AIDS day, 12/01/99: (3.7K)
commitment to state and local organizing, 04/19/99: (8Kb)
condemns antigay ads as political ploy, 05/14/99: (3.7K)
condemns billy jack gaither murder, 03/04/99: (3.7K)
creating change, 11/11/99: (5.9K)
creating change in oakland, 11/19/99: (12K)
creating change through the media, 11/01/99: (6.3K)
DC needle exchange ban shows lack of compassion, 07/29/99: (3.6K)
denounces arkansas foster care ban, 01/07/99: (4.8K)
equality begins at home begins, 03/22/99: (10K)
equality begins at home day 2, 03/23/99: (5.8K)
equality begins at home day 3, 03/24/99: (6.3K)
equality begins at home day 4, 03/25/99: (6.7K)
equality begins at home day 5, 03/27/99: (10K)
equality begins at home editorial, 03/15/99: (5.8K)
equality begins at home galvanizes movement, 04/01/99: (12K)
equality begins at home is largest grassroots campaign, 03/11/99: (7.4K)
equality begins at home takes shape, 01/25/99: (6.8K)
equality begins at home youth activists and actions abound, 02/24/99: (6.5K)
first ever petition before interamerican commission on human rights, 09/30/99: (4.2K)
ford foundation awards grant to policy institute, 09/20/99: (3.9K)
gameworks puts fun in fundraising, 10/04/99: (4.4K)
give for change campaign, 11/04/99: (3.8K)
glbt affirming religious leaders carry message to colorado springs, 08/24/99: (6.7K)
gore opposes knight initiative, 09/17/99: (3.5K)
hails senate passage of hate crimes act, 07/23/99: (3.7K)
hate crimes prevention act to be introduced, 03/11/99: (3.8K)
hawaii puts basic rights on hold, 12/10/99: (4.2K)
implores georgia commision to erase hate not history, 01/08/99: (5.4K)
increases developmental operations, 05/27/99: (3.7K)
indigo girls music for the movement, 10/14/99: (4Kb)
iowa governor signs nondiscrimination order, 10/07/99: (3.4K)
job announcement for mis director, 05/24/99: (5.9K)
job opening for field organizer, 01/18/99: (4.1K)
job openings, 03/31/99: (5.7K)
joins national days of remembrance, 08/26/99: (9.7K)
launches electoral training initiative, 01/25/99: (4.4K)
launches electoral training initiative, 01/29/99: (4.9K)
legislative update, 07/16/99: (3.7K)
lessons of king and heschel, 01/12/99: (6.2K)
lobel addresses criminal justice conference, 09/15/99: (4.8K)
lobel resigns from millennium march board, 04/26/99: (8.4K)
lobel to step down, 12/03/99: (14K)
louisiana billboards blocked, 03/11/99: (4.3K)
missouri enacts hate crimes law, 07/01/99: (4.5K)
mobilizes in state capitals to counter violence, 03/04/99: (3.7K)
names new board members, 02/05/99: (3.5K)
nashville memorial service for slain soldier, 07/21/99: (4.1K)
national network of progay religious leaders to meet, 08/04/99: (7.5K)
national organizations to launch 3 coordinated initiatives, 03/03/99: (10K)
national religious leadership roundtable, 02/09/99: (5.7K)
nebraska county failed brandon teena, 12/09/99: (3.8K)
nevada passes employment rights bill, 05/21/99: (4.2K)
new approach to advocacy will increase expertise, 09/02/99: (6.3K)
NH house votes down adoption ban, 03/18/99: (4.1K)
NH set to repeal adoption ban, 04/22/99: (4.2K)
oakland creating change conference, 08/23/99: (4.8K)
one year 20 dead no action, 10/11/99: (5.4K)
organizations jointly oppose death penalty, 02/10/99: (7.6K)
pace quickens in state legislatures, 03/20/99: (22K)
planetout cybercasts colorado springs religious forum, 08/27/99: (3.8K)
policy institute convenes religious roundtable, 08/19/99: (3.6K)
policy institute launches aging initiative, 07/19/99: (3.9K)
policy institute launches family policy program, 07/26/99: (7.1K)
policy institute names boston activist as research director, 04/12/99: (5.7K)
policy institute releases political candidate analysis, 09/13/99: (8.1K)
policy institute report shows support for equality increasing, 12/09/99: (8.5K)
recognizes celebrate bisexuality day, 09/23/99: (4.1K)
releases domestic partnership organizing manual, 05/19/99: (5.4K)
religious leaders join equality week, 01/12/99: (4.2K)
religious liberty protection act endangers lgbt rights, 07/15/99: (3.6K)
religious roundtable calls for meeting with dobson, 08/25/99: (9.5K)
report tracks glbt legislation in all 50 states, 12/13/99: (8.5K)
rethinking elections available online, 12/10/99: (3.5K)
SC group launches antidiscrimination campaign, 10/27/99: (4.5K)
senate vote expected on hate crimes prevention act, 07/19/99: (3.1K)
senator boxer joins no on knight initiative, 09/14/99: (2.1K)
state legislative update, 01/29/99: (19K)
support crumbling for dont ask dont tell, 12/14/99: (5.2K)
the struggle at home, 10/04/99: (7Kb)
to honor gephardt sanchez medicine, 09/15/99: (4.4K)
tony kushner to highlight forum, 08/09/99: (4.1K)
unmoved by epidemic of hate violence congress stalls, 10/17/99: (3.6K)
urvashi vaid awarded honorary degree, 05/26/99: (4.1K)
vermont decision could pave way for equality, 12/20/99: (4.6K)
voters defeat discrimination, 11/03/99: (5.1K)
wont support ENDA without transinclusion, 06/17/99: (4.6K)
wyoming legislature kills hate crimes bills, 02/04/99: (4Kb)

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