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10th annual media awards, 04/18/99: (11K)
10th annual media awards come to record breaking close, 05/09/99: (8.4K)
2nd trial in shepard murder begins, 10/06/99: (8.3K)
and digital queers announce integration, 01/06/99: (6Kb)
and GLSEN praise dawsons creek, 02/18/99: (6.1K)
anheuser busch needs support for ad depicting gay men, 04/30/99: (4.8K)
announces media awards call for entries, 10/18/99: (5.8K)
announces nominees for annual media awards, 01/20/99: (8.4K)
cable network covers media awards, 05/03/99: (2.1K)
celebrates gay history month, 09/30/99: (6.8K)
community feedback requested, 01/13/99: (2.5K)
condemns defense strategy in shepard trial, 10/26/99: (4.1K)
condemns fox files segment, 01/22/99: (7.3K)
covering murder of billy jack gaither, 03/05/99: (4.2K)
covering vermont same sex marriage ruling, 12/20/99: (6.5K)
exgay ads coming soon to television, 05/13/99: (26K)
fox files update, 02/26/99: (14K)
hires director of online community development, 05/12/99: (7.9K)
larry king to be honored at media awards, 05/07/99: (5.6K)
newsmagazines year in review, 01/07/99: (12K)
nominees for annual media awards, 03/16/99: (10K)
numerous stars scheduled to appear at media awards ceremony, 03/15/99: (5.3K)
praises popular, 12/01/99: (9.1K)
primetime lineup barely realistic, 08/23/99: (9.5K)
report on shepard trial and community response, 10/12/99: (7.5K)
responds to florida cable outlets refusal of exgay ads, 05/29/99: (5.4K)
special equality begins at home edition, 03/18/99: (13K)
special online alert fox files, 01/21/99: (2.4K)
statement on jenny jones civil suit verdict, 05/07/99: (4Kb)
tell dr laura the truth, 08/03/99: (5.5K)
vote online now for best gay films of the century, 04/19/99: (5.5K)
wants you to become a monitor and response team member, 03/02/99: (9.8K)

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